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Nimbus Hosting is a UK based company with a friendly dedicated team who's focus it is to turn your hosting into a simple and hassle-free experience through great customer support and a range of tools designed specifically for you.


Nimbus Hosting recently turned 7 years old, but the team behind the name has been providing great web hosting for many years and has a wealth of experience to call upon to provide one of the best services available in today’s web hosting market.

Tim, our MD at Nimbus has been working in web hosting for 20 years (started at 16 years old) and has seen the requirements of clients change dramatically in that time, and that is where Nimbus really excels, an example of this can be seen with our brand new hosting platform STORM.

You can read more about the Nimbus journey, with our friends over at


In a competitive marketplace, such as web hosting, Nimbus feels that as customers you get offered a lot of the same from many different providers, which makes it very difficult to make the right decision about who is the right hosting partner for your business.

Well at Nimbus we feel that you have to earn the right to say you are different from all the other providers, and we are constantly striving to achieve that right! Nimbus was launched with an offering to their customers that was new to the industry 6 years ago, of free migrations, regardless of how many websites you were wanting to move. You will now see this offering from the majority of our competitors, but make sure the migrations are managed and not just an automated process, which can often leave you with sites that have been moved, but don’t necessarily work due to difference in the hosting specifications. Take a look at our managed migration process here.


Nimbus are a nimble team of 13, but this only drives us on to lead the industry in providing better solutions for our customers, and this cannot be demonstrated better than with the development and launch of our brand new control panel STORM.

Conceived and developed from the frustrations of our customers, who were struggling with the standard offering of control panels, STORM provides the core functions required to manage your web hosting via a simple interface, and is defining the thinking behind the Nimbus team!


Nimbus is only as good as the team that commits to providing the great service that we are known for, and at Nimbus we are very lucky to continually attract great people who understand what Nimbus is about. Take a closer look at the Nimbus team here.

Nimbus Hosting
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