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Agency. Meet the Nimbus Hosting app.

A brilliant web hosting platform made by our team of experts for your team’s peace of mind. We’ve got you and your clients covered. Create, manage and launch client sites with pure ease.

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Our humans behind the tech.

By carrying onboarding our platform, you’ll also get an agency hosting support service that’s second to none. Meaning our hands-on team guarantees personalised support, simple solutions and above all, excellent customer service. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at our Google Reviews – they really do make us blush.

Our fantastic team will work as a partner to your agency and act as an extension of your team. So, we’ll always be on hand to help you out.

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Powerful Search.

Discover the power of searching in our platform and quickly track down specific data. Our brilliant search feature helps your agency to:

  • Locate a specific domain
  • Find your clients easily by searching for their company name
  • Use personalised tag names such as websites, users and references
  • Look up actions such as server users, website dashboards and tasks
  • Locate database names in just a few simple clicks.

We know, it’s an agencies dream!

With all these search options at your fingertips, you’ll be able to find anything in a flash.

Easy to use – less onboarding time.

Our hosting app has been created and designed with every user in mind. Whether you’re an Agency Director, Web Developer or somebody just starting out in the industry. We have a platform that’s clear, simple and uncluttered so, your agency can stay on top of projects in an effortless hosting environment. You can even have a 7-day free trial run to see how easy it really is!

Pretty amazing right? With a platform that’s so easy to use – you’ll spend less time onboarding your team, and more time getting stuck into the technical side of web hosting.

STORM control panel - website access

Manage Team and User Access.

Got a few helping hands? Allow your team whip up a storm in our awesome platform and you can manage their user access across all your servers. Identify each user in a list by their initial icon, a profile image or the rest of their details. Whether you’re managing access for your own developers, a client or an external user that’s testing sites in the background – You’ll have peace of mind knowing all your users have the right access to view, edit and update in the right places.

Add as many users and whole teams as you like (go wild!) and keep track of their access anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Click here to find out more about managing and understanding users in our platform.

Speedy deployment.

Easy to use development rollouts from GitHub, BitBucket or URL.

Simply authorise your GitHub or BitBucket platforms within our app, switch between users and launch your sites effortlessly with no more deployment delays, it’s really that quick and easy!

Take a look at our knowledge base for step-by-step guides and more information on our simple deployment process.


STORM control panel - upload websites

Copy websites in two clicks (even to another server).

Simplify site development by moving a client’s website to their own server or create a staging site in just two clicks. It’s the perfect feature for agencies working with a swift turnaround time.

Plus, if you’re a creature of habit who enjoys using the same selection of site themes and plugins, you’ll be able to copy them over in no time.

Easily access SSH Keys.

Use SSH Keys to log in and access entire servers safely and securely whilst managing them all under one clear dashboard.

Need to know how to access SSH through our platform? We’ll show you how. Find out more in our knowledge base by clicking here.

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Upload Redirects in STORM Screenshot

Importing redirects from CSV

Import a list of new websites with new URLs and set up redirects all via one simple CSV file. Simply upload your CSV file into your server in one single click and you’re good to go!

Launch WordPress recipes.

Launch WordPress sites faster than ever with your own installation of plugins and themes from day one. You can do this directly from the servers dashboard.

Whilst setting up your WordPress sites, you can also make use of our ‘install application’ tool. All you need to do is tick a box and our platform will do all the leg work for you, including:

  • PHP Limits specifically tuned for WordPress
  • WordPress version displayed in the dashboard
  • Ability to use live to staging features

Find out more about getting started with launching WordPress sites here.

WordPress plugins

Database management.

It’s super easy to create and manage a database, all you need is to have a website set up in the platform. View a list of databases that are currently set up on your server for you to use on your site with credentials that our platform has generated for you.

In our powerful search tool, everything’s smart – just how we like it here at Nimbus. Search for databases and find them at your fingertips in a few clicks.

Website tasks, notes & tagging.

Identify and filter websites with easy to use tags, website tasks and notes.

Website tasks and notes mean you can make comments on projects and assign tasks to people in your team. Get notified via Slack or email on your upcoming tasks to keep track of your to-do list and collaborate effectively in your team of users.

We completely understand that as an agency you’ll be filling up your future server with a great deal of websites. So we created tag names so you won’t need to remember what’s where. All you need to do is get tagging. Once you’ve set up your tags, search for them and we’ll find all the properties associated with the tag you’re looking up.

Tag names make everything easy, and we mean everything! Sort, view and organise your websites, users, references and clients to leave you more time for completing your tasks.

Curious on how to add tag names? Check out this post in our knowledge base to find out how.

Organising your server

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