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Every year since the late naughties there have been predictions that this will be the year that e-mail dies, obviously being now in 2016 and email still the main source of communication between businesses and within businesses, this prediction has still remained untrue. Admittedly, the likes of Slack, HipChat, Basecamp and many emerging other communication platforms are becoming integrated into various businesses, but the fact remains that email still plays a huge part in our day to day lives and it’s not going anywhere fast.

Consulting firm McKinsey estimates that we spend more than a quarter of our work life managing email. Arguably then, there is nothing more universal and perhaps nothing more essential to our work day. However, it would be naïve to assume that the email model hasn’t changed and won’t continue to change. When Google entered the market with their Gmail offering 10 years ago, the seeds of evolution were firmly planted. It’s gone from being something we check while in the office, sitting at our desktop, to something so much more adaptable where we can now check our emails, edit calendars and schedule meetings through email software while out of the office on various devices.

Where in the past, it was always standard to host your emails with your website; it was just kind of thrown in as an extra. The need and sophistication available in email software has changed the whole industry to the point where it seems counter-intuitive for a business to be using such basic software for such essential communication.

Let’s be honest, website hosting email software is lacking. The interface and functionality of the email software provided by web hosts can’t compare to things like Gmail, Office 365 or even the free option of Zoho mail. The servers and software is specifically designed for web hosting and the software for Google Apps or Office 365 is specifically designed for email.

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Emails hosted on a web server not only have limited functionality, a range of issues and take up a lot of space but it’s often really difficult to use. When email is hosted on your web server, your given a single IP address, if this for any reason gets compromised (it only takes 2% of email recipients marking email as spam for Microsoft to blacklist your IP) it becomes a real hassle to sort out and regain a reputation to ensure all your mail is received. There is some more information about why this happens and how to keep your IP clean HERE.

When using an application such as Zoho, Google Apps, Mail chimp or Office 365, your emails are sent using multiple IP addresses to maximise deliverability and reputation. Not only do these options provide you with a multitude of extra add on’s, they are also really easy to set up and migrate your mail across as they have hundreds of useful guides. Here at Nimbus we use Google Apps for all of our Mail and have done for the last 4 years.

Email isn’t dead but it can be awesome.

Up to 6 mailboxes FREE
Can use your own Domain Name

Add-on’s; CRM, Campaigns, Invoice, People, Recruit, Sites,
Reports, Meeting, Discussions, Planner and many more!

Use your own Domain Name
One Click Set-up
Share calandars, Google Docs, Contacts etc.
10GB Storage
£3.65 per mailbox per month

Use your own Domain Name
Sharepoint Online for shared documents and calandars
25GB of mailbox storage!
£9.40 per month per user

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