Billing Reminders - A Whole New Way To Get Paid.

For you forgetful folk, we have this awesome feature just for you - now what was it? Oh yes! Billing Reminders. It's a quicker, easier and better way to manage your invoices so you'll never miss a thing.

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Ever forget to bill your clients for hosting?

We dig you, it happens to the best of us! Which is why we’ve got just the right tool for you agencies to use within STORM.

Our handy billing reminders, sends you instant email notifications each time your clients are ready to be billed for your hosting services. You’ll also have full control over how often you receive them and when. Better yet, this feature is available on all of our STORM Packages.

Get paid on time. Improve your cashflow. Supercharge your client relationships.

 Keep scrolling for all the full lowdown.

Billing your clients doesn’t need to be taxing.

Reminders are super easy to use and implement. Simply add in the details of your reminder – then boom! You’re all set.
Set up billing reminders for each and every one of your clients and we’ll send you email notifications to let you know when you’re ready to send out your next invoice. Super quick, super simple.
Let’s show you just how easy it is to set up one of these nifty reminders…

Billing Reminders Screenshot in STORM
How to set up Billing Reminders in STORM

Set up reminders in 30 seconds.

Creating a reminder is dead quick. Better yet you only need to fill out a few details:

  • Add your client’s name
  • Select your reminder date
  • Set the frequency of your reminder by monthly, quarterly, annually – or if it’s a one off project reminder, just set it to none
  • Choose your client’s website
  • Add your invoice amount and any useful notes

Once that’s all been added, the only thing you’ll need to do is wait for your email notifications to appear in your inbox!

No more cashflow wobbles.

The notes section in your billing reminder will be your best friend. Add as much detail as you need. Such as a breakdown of the bill, as well as the specific services you’re including – anything from hosting and SSL certificates to creative and SEO work. Giving you the freedom to add any extra details you might need. Neat.

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