5 brilliant plugins to boost your WordPress site

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Whether you’re new to WordPress or a seasoned pro, with over 54,000 active plugins available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by choice. So here’s a roundup of five top tools to up your WordPress game, from SEO boosters to e-commerce essentials.

As the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress powers an estimated 75 million websites worldwide. It’s a smart, simple framework designed to make creating basic websites easy. But to build a site that looks, works and performs exactly the way you want it to, you need plugins – those clever pieces of code that add new functionality to your basic site.

There are a lot of WordPress plugins out there. A lot. Great, right? Except with over 54,000 available now and more being developed every day, picking the right plugin isn’t always easy. Good job we’ve got your back. Here are five of our favourites, perfect for building stand-out WordPress sites… and available free (or premium) from the WordPress Plugin Directory.


1). Security, sorted.

Here at Nimbus, we’re big on security. But we’re still always looking for extra ways to keep it super tight. Which is why we love Sucuri Security. It’s earned a reputation for being one of the most powerful security plugins you can add to your WordPress site, defending against hacks and attacks, and speeding up your SEO into the bargain.


2). Ready-to-go SEO.

If there’s one thing every website needs, it’s visitors. And that means search engine optimisation. We’re big fans of the way Yoast SEO whips through your entire WordPress site, optimising it for searchability, grading content for keywords and metadata, and tagging areas to improve, so more people find your site every day.


3). Creative page-building.

The beauty of WordPress is its simple, no-nonsense structure. But if you feel a little limited by it, try adding a page-builder plugin like Elementor. It’s a drag-and-drop tool with a really handy live visual preview that lets you completely customise every part of your website, without a scrap of coding. Super handy for non-techy site owners.


4). Easy image compression.

As pretty as all those images make your web pages, they have a nasty habit of slowing sites down. Compressing your image sizes without compromising quality can be tricky, which is where the brilliant WP Smush plugin from WordPress.org saves the day. It literally smushes the size of all sorts of file types, while leaving them looking crystal clear.


5). E-commerce store building.

Last but not least, if you’re building an e-commerce store, don’t miss the super handy WooCommerce plugin. It’s stuffed with all the features you need for a fully fledged online store, supporting sales for both physical and digital products. Even better, you can customise it with a whole bunch of themes and page layouts, as well as money-making affiliate marketing.


Your whole plugin world, in one place

Like we said at the top, all these great plugins (plus almost 54,000 more!) are available free, or as premium, paid-for versions from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Once you’ve picked the ones that work for you, we’ve got a really easy way to keep tabs on them – however many sites you’ve got – in our home-grown hosting platform STORM. Our intuitive STORM dashboard has always been super easy to use, but we’ve just added a handy new WordPress tools feature that brings your whole WordPress world together, in one place.


Say hello to WordPress tools

With WordPress tools, you can see every WordPress site, plugin, version, theme, recipe and update alert across your entire server, at a glance. Check which versions you’re using where, spot the plugins that need updating and find your go-to themes and recipes, fast.

It’s a really handy shortcut that makes managing your WordPress sites a whole lot easier. Just log into your server, hit WordPress in the left-hand menu and you’re there.


Not on STORM yet? Take a free, no-strings trial…

…and find out what all the fuss is about. Build WordPress sites, take those plugins for a spin, and keep track of it all in WordPress Tools. You can grab a free trial right here.

Got a question? Need a hand? At Nimbus we’re here to help with all things hosting, so if you’d like a chat about STORM, WordPress tools, our plugin picks or pretty much anything else, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line or give our friendly team a ring on 0203 005 9180.

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