9 WordPress plugins developers love

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When building a WordPress website, some things are just better off left to a plugin to handle. From appointment booking plugins to multilingual plugins, I’m sure there will be one on the following list that will give you a little extra helping hand when creating your next project.

Take a look at these nine WordPress plugins that could seriously help you up your website-building game.


Website quality assurance testing will ultimately include making sure the client’s website is compatible across different browsers and operating systems. LambdaTest allows you to take full-page screenshots to eliminate any user experience errors that may crop up on different platforms.


Security will be a top priority for your client’s websites, having a plugin like Wordfence will allow you to put an endpoint firewall and malware scanner on websites you build.

Health checker

Health checker allows you to troubleshoot issues for specific users by disabling plugins and switching to a default theme.

WP reset

If you’re looking for a clean slate when you make a mistake, this is the plugin for you. WP reset allows you to reset customisations and code back to the default installation or specific snapshot. This reset means it’s great if you want to test demo content and restore like it never happened.

Query monitor

Debugging can lead you down a timely rabbit hole. Query monitor provides you with tools to debug a range of issues such as:

  • Database queries
  • PHP errors
  • Hooks and actions
  • Stylesheets
  • HTTP API calls
  • REST API calls
  • AJAX calls
  • User capability checks

Multilingual translation plugins

As an agency the demand from clients to have a website that can reach a global audience will grow and grow. TranslatePress will be your friend here, being able to display in real-time, work with WooCommerce, and use Google Translate API integration. It’s a great little plugin to use for this function.


Are you working with a client to build an educational based website for students to learn from? As you know a custom made learning management system is a hefty job and therefore using a starting point like the LifterLMS plugin, will enable you to concentrate on the build of the website. LifterLMS pretty much covers everything you would require a learning management system to have.

Appointment booking

Again, a custom-built appointment booking system is normally just not necessary when there are plugins out there to do the heavy lifting. Bookly Pro-Booking & Scheduling System is a great option when it comes to this part of the website scope as it’s fully customisable and mobile-ready – with a payment feature included.

Advance custom fields

And finally, every developer loves to add fields anywhere and on-demand to WP edit screens, so advanced custom fields plugin will complete your toolkit.

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