Benefits of a good web host


With so many web hosts in the market it can be very hard to pick the right one. Each web host almost looks the same with unlimited this, loads of that, great customer service, 100% uptime and plenty of other confusing technical speak.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing any partner for your business is what they are going to offer in order to make life easier for you. As your business changes, can your hosting partner ensure that they can adapt their environment to continue benefiting the business? As website outgrow the infrastructure they originally signed up for, its important that you can scale your hosting arrangements to suit in order to prevent loosing potential clients simply because your website was down or running too slow.

What makes a web host actually stand out from the pack?  Like any company that you rely on for your business it’s important they can respond quickly when something goes wrong even if it isn’t their fault.

Imagine your web site is hacked and you need it rolled back to the previous backup. Do you have to spend time logging into an account to raise a ticket and then wait several hours for your hosting company to respond? What about if the previous backup has failed and you need to go back further or they can’t help at all?

A good web host is a company you can call up, speak to someone knowledgeable, (preferably someone who knows you and your sites), someone you can explain the issue to, and someone who can then resolve it in a matter of minutes. Even better would be a web host that can advise you on what happened and explain how you can prevent it from happening again without going through any unnecessary finger pointing.

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