Benefits of SSLs

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The key benefit for an SSL certificate is quite simple, to secure your website so any data being sent is encrypted. This is ideal if you are taking credit card details or in fact, any personal data that a customer sends to you via your web site. Encrypting sensitive data is vital in increasing customer confidence in your site.

We offer a number of different types of SSL certificates and it’s important to choose the right one for your business as this quote confirms.

“According to research conducted in 2009 online retailers lost out on $21 billion in sales where customers did not trust the web site they were browsing.”

Here’s a list of the SSLs we provide and how you can use them.

Domain Validated

Domain Validated SSLs are the entry level certificates that are usually issued on the same day. The SSL is authenticated by an email sent to an email address at the domain which the SSL is for, this is usually [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]  Once this SSL has been installed it provides between 128-256 bit encryption depending on what the user’s browser supports. Some Domain Validated SSLs come with a seal that can be displayed on the web site to confirm authenticity of the certificate.

Domain Validated SSLs are used either for general personal data collection rather than for credit card information.

Standard Organisation Validation

Standard Organisation Validation SSLs are the most common type of certificates that we issue, they provide 128-256 bit encryption. Each SSL is validated against the organisation and the domain name that it’s registered too. The type of organisation can be Sole Trader/Partnership, Private company, Public company or charity. A third party certificate authority handles the verification process using third party databases.

These SSLs confirm the owner of the web site when the user clicks the padlock in their browser, they are usually used to collect credit card data. A seal is available for the web site to confirm the authenticity.

Strong Encryption SSL

A strong encryption certificate is identical to a Standard Organisation Validation SSL although the certificates forces 99.9% of browsers to encrypt the connection at 256-Bit. This means that the connection between the customer and the server uses military grade encryption and is much more difficult to intercept. These SSLs are typically used by websites looking for the higher level of security for their web site.

Wildcard SSL

A wildcard SSL can either be domain validated based SSLs or organisation validated SSL. However this type of SSL will automatically secure unlimited subdomains under the domain name, for example,,

These are ideal for customers who would like to secure multiple web sites under the same domain but save on the cost of multiple SSLs. The Thawte Wildcard certificate is provided alongside the Seal.

Extended Validation Certificate

Extended Validation SSLs (EVs) are similar to Organisation Validation SSLs except they require extensive verification including confirming the order with an official officer of the company, like a company director. Once the SSL has been issued and installed a green bar is displayed in the browser window. This bar will display the company name and provides customers with increased confidence in the web site they are browsing.

Multi San SSLs

Multi SAN Certificates are very similar to the Standard Organisation Validation SSL certificates although you can specify multiple web site addresses that are owned by the same organisation. This is particularly useful if you have several ecommerce shops that are run by the same company but use different website addresses.

All the SSLs provided by Nimbus come with support, setup costs and unique IP address included within the price. Please contact us for pricing and advice on which SSL would be right for you.

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