Boost your sales with STORM’s free Elasticsearch

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STORM’s new secret weapon for online stores – free Elasticsearch. It helps shoppers search your site, see the products they want and shop more easily. Plus, it’s got a ton of other benefits for Magento 2.4 users. Let’s take a look…


Elasticsearch? What’s that?

Well, it’s a powerful search tool that works hard behind the scenes to help your customers navigate your site in a smarter, simpler way. It skips straight to the stuff they want to see, first time. Created by the genius team at Elastic, it sits right at the heart of their creative stack. It’s even helping big names like eBay create better customer experiences, and drive sales.

You can get the whole story over on the Elastic website, but from a technical point of view, Elasticsearch is a RESTful search and analytics engine. It centrally stores data, allowing for lightning-fast searches that are more intuitive and fine-tuned than ever. From a day-to-day point of view, it’s a total game changer.


Why is it so good for Magento 2 sites?

It’s not enough just to stock the products people want. If they can’t find them, they can’t buy them. Which is why Elasticsearch is designed to get your customers to where they need to be, improving their experience and putting the right products in their basket, faster.

It powers rapid and advanced searches of your entire product catalogue, as well as tackling stop words and synonyms that can leave valuable products hard to find. At the same time, it makes sure your site delivers a smooth, uninterrupted service, even while it’s reindexing.

Elasticsearch is also incredibly scalable, so whatever pace you’re growing at, it can keep up – and keep your site performing brilliantly.


Stronger, more advanced site security

As well as vastly improving the search experience on your site, Elasticsearch has real security benefits. It helps protect against threats like malware, stopping them at the host, before they cause you problems. It also gives you powerful, centralised visibility and advanced threat detection, so you can spot security or performance anomalies and take action, fast.


Real-time data and analytics

Beyond security benefits, the centralised visibility that comes with Elasticsearch lets you observe and monitor your entire infrastructure, quickly resolving issues and understanding how people use your site. You can analyse activity in real time, use its built-in reporting function to gather valuable data and keep on improving your customer experience.


One quick click and you’re good to go

One of the best things about Elasticsearch is how easy it is to start using. It’s super intuitive and straightforward – which is why it’s such a great fit with STORM. We’ll be launching it free to all STORM users on our Oxygen package or above very soon – so if that’s you, just open up your server, add your Magento 2.4 site in a few clicks and it’ll be added to your site in an instant.

If you’ve got a STORM Helium, Neon or Argon package, you can upgrade to Oxygen and get free Elasticsearch too. Just upgrade your package straight from your server dashboard, then add your Magento 2.4 site and you’re away.

If you’re not on STORM yet, it’s easy to take a free trial of one of our Helium packages. STORM’s our homegrown hosting platform, created for creatives, and it’s full of simple, intuitive tools that make life easier. If you like it, just sign up, choose Oxygen or above, and you’ll get free Elasticsearch too.


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