Changes to Symantec SSL Certificates

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In an attempt by Google to increase SSL certificate security standards, there have been some recent announcements that have raised concerns over the news that the Chrome browser plans to distrust Symantec SSLs. The version of Chrome in question is version 66 which is due for release at the end of March 2018. This version of Chrome will not trust Symantec SSLs issued prior to June 2016, as a result, we have re-issued any SSLs necessary in order to meet the new requirement.

Along with the concern over SSLs issued prior to June 2016 there has now been a further announcement that in the autumn of 2018 Google will be releasing Chrome version 70. In this version of the browser Chrome will not trust any Symantec issued SSLs.

Symantec has recently been acquired by DigiCert and this is giving us confidence that it will help prevent any further issues as all SSLs will be transitioned to DigiCert SSLs that will then be trusted by the further release. Nimbus Hosting has also been in close contact with Symantec about the issue over the past several months to ensure we are fully briefed should the situation change so that we can then make any required changes to prevent further issues for our customers.

If you would like to know more about the acquisition of Symantec by DigiCert, please click here.

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