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With the numerous variations on cloud hosting that are available at the moment including hyper scale cloud providers such as Amazon EC2, it’s important that you know which one is right for you. The last thing you want is to begin hosting sites on a new platform and find out there is a problem down the line, or unforseen technical debt involved in maintaining the systems.

The main factors that we believe a digital agency should consider when choosing a cloud provider are:


Is there a requirement to scale the systems up or down? Sine cloud providers allow you to configure auto scaling, e.g if you are overusing your server Memory, it will allocate more to the server and charge accordingly. While this could solve problems of influxes of visitors to sites, it could also introduce unexpected costs at the end of a billing period and could be triggers by a memory leak in the site as these services are billed on usage, sometimes as granularly as per second.

Server Location 

Some customers require/prefer websites/apps to be in a certain geographic location e.g. country. While some cloud providers such as Amazon EC2 are able to provide numerous global locations. Our servers are based in North London although if you are expecting oversees visitors, a Content Delivery Network, or can, can be used to cache website content locally to these visitors.

Brand Recognition 

Some clients may have a requirement for a site/app to be hosted by a specific cloud provider . This isn’t always the best solution, so a digital agency should work with the client to establish the best solution for their requirements.

Ease of use/management

A big point to think about is the technical level at your company and who you want to be able to a administer the systems. Some cloud providers have a huge barrier for entry which may result in you having to hire/allocate a member of staff to manage the infrastructure. STORM is designed to make the management side of things easy enough so that remedial tasks can be allocated to less technical members of staff while still providing some higher end functionality such as allowing you to deploy your applications to servers via Git.


If strange things start happening on your server or you’re having trouble getting something working, will you be able to easily contact support and get it resolved? As mentioned before, some cloud provider shave inherent complexities that require you to be technical in order to manage, so you need to know that you are able to get the help you need.


Because of the fact that 53% of users abandon a website that takes over 3 seconds to load, we believe that servers should be as performant as possible so that they are not a bottleneck for site/app performance. With the cloud infrastructure provided by Nimbus Hosting, we use high end HPE hardware and the storage is local to the server, meaning that you get the best performance possible. In a recent blog post by OnApp, their storage system was compared to the equivalent from AWS and Azure. It was clear that OnApp scored higher in the tests than AWS and Azure, especially in the pure disk benchmarks.

We have run the same tests on one of our STORM servers and here are the results:

UnixBench Score

UnixBench Score

Total IOPS:

Total IOPS

If you would like to test your site on these servers yourself, feel free to trial one of our STORM servers for free.

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