Domain Renewal: The Domain expiry process explained

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Domain names are essential for the online presence of any business, not only does it add creditability to your business but it’s also important for building your brand.

If a domain is not renewed before its expiry date (the anniversary of its registration or last renewal) it will be suspended and all services that use the domain name, such as your website and email will stop working. Once a domain name expires, it goes through many stages before being released back to the register.

At Nimbus, we send five automated emails to let you know that your domain is going to expire at 60 days, 30 days, 15 days, 7 days and 1 day before. After this point, depending on what type of domain name it is, it then goes through a process before the domain is eventually cancelled and all details are deleted off the register.

.uk Domains

When .uk domains expire, Nominet give you a further 30 days before they suspend the domain, it is still possible to renew the domain until around 90 days after the original expiry date when Nominet will delete all records and release the domain back to the registry.

Other Domains

With any other domain names, it can be a little more complex. After this point, if the domain has still not been renewed at the expiry date, it will then move into what’s called a ‘grace period’ for about 10 days to two weeks. During this short window, the domain can be renewed at the regular price. If you cannot renew via your client area at this point please get in touch for assistance.

If after the grace period the domain has still not been renewed it then moves into the redemption period. At this point it is still possible to renew the domain but an additional charge may be imposed in order to get the domain released.

After this the status of the domain will show as ‘Pending Delete’. This can range anywhere from 1 -5 days before all the details are officially deleted of the register and becomes available again for anyone to register.

.com Domains

Remember; you can always change hosts, but you can’t replace a domain name that you have lost – and if your domain name is gone, so is all the equity you’ve built up in your website presence. It’s really important if you want to hold onto your domains to keep the contact details at your registrar updated to ensure you’re notified when the domain is due to expire and can then get it renewed in plenty of time.

Domain Catching

For domains that are highly anticipated or popular, drop catcher services are often used to secure it as soon as it becomes available. A drop catching service is a paid for service that will monitor the domain wanted by an organisation or individual until it becomes available and then they try to secure it as soon as it becomes accessible.

Nominet on .uk domains.

Once you’ve gone over your expiry date, you’ll still have time to renew your domain before it gets cancelled, so there’s no need to panic. But if we don’t receive a renewal request within 30 days of the expiry date, we’ll suspend the domain name. This means all services that use that domain name, such as your website and email, will stop working. We’ll send you a suspension warning seven days before this happens, and will also send you a suspension notice when it takes place. It’s still possible to renew your domain during this time.

Once cancelled, the domain name will become instantly available to others who may wish to re-register it.

How do I find out when my domain will expire?

You can either check with your registrar or pop your domain into and it should give you the information of when the domain is registered until. If your domain is registered with us here at Nimbus, we send you expiry emails before the domain expires.

For more information on domain name expiry;
OpenSRS or Nominet

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