Getting your Magento website ready for the holiday season

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On the run up to a variety of holidays fast approaching, we know that many businesses are already looking at how they fare against their competition in all manner of speaking.

The reality of E-Commerce creates a constant reminder to each and every online business. With some of the biggest names in industry using the platform to power their ecommerce, there is a tension over the holiday season which imparts a high level of importance that the site and the order process for a customer is as smooth as possible.

Black friday always seems to be the time of year when businesses will share their disappearance online due to servers breaking and unprecedented volumes of visitors to a website. So to advise you all of some top level reminders of how to prepare and safeguard your business for these eventualities (not saying it won’t happen – but best to be prepared regardless).

Christmas is another one, with a list as long as a standard leg, we can only presume that time saving is at the forefront of customers minds, they want to ditch the drawn out process of queuing, sometimes it can feel just as bad when your having to jump through hoops just to get an order sent and confirmed in readiness to beat the holiday rush.

Mobile Optimised website.

Is your site ready for the latest mobile devices? If not then you could be missing out on the generation of customers who get the latest device and use it for literally everything. The checkout of your website really matters. Most potential customers have knowledge of poor website builds that crash or end up defective. This usually dissuades an individual with parting with their hard earned money through your business checkout. You’ll also be losing out on valuable data which contributes to your end of month/year reports. It is also vital for your marketing team to know how effective your website is at converting – this information will help them drive even better conversions for your business.

Autocomplete Address Form.

We cannot stress how laborious it is having to fill in address details – sometimes for them to remain unrecognised – thus emphasising the risk of losing a visitor due to poor readiness for their visit. Nobody has time for form filling. Nobody. And even when they do subject themselves to do so, they don’t like having to repeat themselves. Their device is usually preloaded with this information which makes for a quick and easy conversion. BUT, if your website is not ready for this then you need to resolve this as soon as possible. Since your visitor lands on your page through their smart device, it makes absolute sense that you engage with them in a way that provides comfort, ease of use and the ability to suggest how easy their experience is/was to their social group.

Labels Fields Effectively.

Mislabelling a field is just a ‘no-go’ in this day and age but it happens, doesn’t mean it is acceptable by today’s standards. A simple and easy way to label fields (especially for Mobile devices) is to place the label above the form so that can make it easier to see. Leaving the label positioned to the left can sometimes mean that it is missed by the visitor on a mobile device – thus creating a risk of non-converting visitor(s).

Don’t be demanding.

Keep your checkout questions relative to the customer journey, basically, don’t waffle, and always make it relevant to the data you actually need. If it is imperative in this situation that you have to ask certain questions then at least give good thought and reason as to why this may be so vital for your records/security. Once the visitor sees this, as long as it stands up on its own, then you should see a flow of answers that are not interrupted by frustration or bouncing traffic. If a question you are asking is not relative to the purchase then don’t ask it. If it is vital, make the process of [asking then answering] as smooth and quick as possible.

Progression tactics.

A really effective visual aid to coerce visitors to complete their purchase when they have landed in checkout is to have a progression bar. This will show the visitor just how far away they are from that confirmation email you are waiting on hand and foot to send to them. Labelling each step of the way creates an incremental timeline which the visitor is compelled to complete as long as they are genuinely serious about buying from you. If this gets interrupted, remember, there are 1000’s of reason why this may happen, but the more data you manage to collect about this, the more you will understand the customer journey. Once you have their payment details, you should only need to follow up with relative delivery information and confirmation of order.

In the meantime, we suggest that A/B testing now will prepare you for any irregular situations.

Since we are in October now, it is a good time to get started on improving that journey. If you need help in creating this, Brave Agency have a team on hand who have real Magento experience and knowledge to help you achieve your end goal.

Contact or visit Brave Agency – visit website / 0845 544 3626 & discuss with one of their Magento Technical Developers.

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