Goodbye 2-year SSLs. Hello smarter security 👋

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From today, we’re stopping selling our 2-year SSL certificates and making the switch to 100% single-year certificates. So what’s the big idea? What happens if you’ve already bought a 2-year certificate? And is it the end of the line for long-term SSLs?

Here at Nimbus, security’s a pretty big deal. Huge in fact. Because keeping your websites safe and sound is what we’re here for. So, when the evidence started gathering from across the tech industry that shorter-term SSL certificates provided better security… we listened. And when we heard that longer-term options might soon limit your SEO, we listened even harder. 

What’s the tech world saying?

Over the last few months, Apple have announced that towards the end of 2020, Safari will stop trusting new certificates valid for more than 398 days (that’s one year + a little overlap time for renewals). It’s because they believe longer-lasting SSLs leave room for security to become outdated, and vulnerabilities to creep in. And, let’s face it, nobody wants that.

So we thought we’d get ahead of the game, and call time on our 2-year SSLs before the rest of the internet does. From here on in, we’re fully focused on bringing you the best 1-year certificates on the market, and making it super easy for you to buy, renew and integrate them.

What if I’ve already got a 2-year SSL?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. You can still use your SSL till it expires, it’ll still keep your website safe and you’ll still be trusted by Safari. You don’t have to do anything. But from today, if you buy any new SSL from Nimbus, it’ll only last for 12 months. Because shorter really is better.

Like to take a look at a shorter, sweeter SSL options? Hop on over to our SSLs page and check them out. Got questions? We love questions! Just drop us a line or give our friendly team a ring on 0203 005 9181. You know we love a natter.

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