Google Chrome to disrupt Symantec SSL’s

Peter .

With the announcement that Google is planning to punish Symantec by gradually distrusting its SSL certificates after the company was caught improperly issuing Extended Validation certificates over the past few years, we wanted to assure all of our clients that although this has so far not become an issue we are aware of the situation and are working closely with Symantec.

In the event that Google does implement the proposals Symantec will ensure your websites, webservers or web applications continue to work across browsers. Specifically, this may require Symantec to reissue your certificates, which would be done as needed, at no charge to you, to meet the fully expected validity period. In addition, Google’s proposal requires shorter validity certificates, which we would support.

At the moment there is nothing confirmed either way, but as we get more information on the matter, we will let you know.

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