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For e-commerce sites, winter means one thing. Traffic. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, January sales, dark nights and dreary days. People shop in winter. And they shop a lot. 

Which is why it’s the perfect time of year to grab a free power boost. Yep, free. Absolutely, 100% gratis. We offer every Nimbus customer four free power boosts a year, topping up your cores and memory to help your cope with extra traffic. So don’t forget to use yours!

Each power boost lasts seven days. But you can’t activate them instantly. So give our team a heads up a couple of days before you need yours and we’ll get it all set up for you. No problem.

Never booked a power boost before? Here’s what to do:

  • Log into your client area
  • Click ‘Services’
  • Click on the server you’d like to power boost
  • On the left-hand side, click ‘Request power boost’
  • Fill in the date and the reason why
  • Finally, hit the ‘Request power boost’ button

Simple. We’ll email to let you know when it’s due to go live. Then it’s over to you to score some impressive seasonal sales. Have fun out there!

Pete at Nimbus

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