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We use a few handy tools here at Nimbus on a daily basis.
First up,

This handy tool enables you to look up information on a domain, such as where it is currently registered, who it is registered to, what nameservers the domain is using, and what public DNS records are on file for it.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to hit the refresh button top right of the Overview tab bar, to make sure you’re getting the latest information that isn’t cached.

Top Tip 2: Pop in an IP address and it will tell you who the range is assigned to – that way you can even find out who is hosting a site.

For those who love doing things on the command line, you can lookup most domains via Terminal (Mac) or cmd prompt (PC) using the command:

whois <>

Next, the Nimbus SSL Checker

This handy tool, developed by our very own Nick, will mean you can check on the status of your sites SSL – it will flag up things like how long the current SSL has remaining, whether it is SHA2 compliant, who the issuer is, and any SANS (Subject Alternative Names – read additional domains) that are covered by the same domain.

Top Tip: The URL will update when you pop a site in, so you can share the results easily. Nice one Nick!

And Another – Google Pagespeed Insights

The NEEED for Speeeeeed! Pop a site URL into the box, hit ‘Analyze’ and let Google work their magic. They will deliver back a set of results and possible ways to speed up your site.

MORE SPEED (tests)

Similar to Google’s Pagespeed Insights, you can use this tool to additionally test the site from all over the globe (just hit settings -> Test from).  Handily, once your results are delivered, you can also see a page analysis of what is being loaded, and a history of previous checks.

And finally, the brilliant Sucuri Site Checker

The Sucuri SiteCheck scanner will check the website entered for known malware, blocked IP status, website errors, and out-of-date software. It is particularly handy if you’ve got a compromised site using a CMS such as WordPress sending out spam mail, as you can use this tool to tell you whether the CMS itself is out of date, or if any plugins are affected by known issues, as this is the most common route we see for sites being compromised.

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