Hosting email on the same server as your site?

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For small businesses hosting your email and website hosted on the same server may appear convenient and cost effective, but have you thought about the associated risks that this could present on your business.
We’ll explore our views in greater detail and finish off by giving our recommendations.

Concern 1: Consider the 3S’s (Space, Speed & SEO)

Hosting emails on your server can eat up a lot of your resources. As a result this can directly affect your site’s loading times and performance.

Remember, Google tracks the loading time of your web pages, so if your website is being slowed down consistently, Google will send your visitors elsewhere.

Concern 2:  If One Goes Down, It All Goes Down

As the idiom goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, and this saying couldn’t be more true than when it comes to using the same server to host your website and email. If your server experiences a limited period of downtime, note that this will affect both your website and ability to send and receive emails.

Concern 3: Compromising of your IP

We’ve noticed a recent increase in calls from customers letting us know that they’re having issues with sending emails, as a result of their IP becoming blocked.

When setting up a hosting package with us you’ll be given a single dedicated IP address. While this is great for hosting your website, emails sent via a single IP are more likely to go into the recipient’s spam, than compared with more resilient emails solutions such as Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) and Office 365, which use multiple IP’s to deliver your emails.

So where should I host my email?

We recommend using a third-party email solution such as, Google Workspace or Office 365 for hosting your emails.

Google for Work

Many people are already familiar with Gmail’s interface, but whether you prefer to use a desktop client or Gmail webmail, Google Workspace for work is a great option.


  • Simple to setup, use and manage.
  • You can use the same account for Google’s full suite of tools i.e. Drive, Docs etc.

Office 365

Much like with Google, Microsoft’s Office 365 gives a familiar and professional feel to email management.


  • Simple to setup, use and manage.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs.

Final Thoughts

Remember specialisation is a good thing. You want your web host to be focused on keeping your server website running, updated, and secure. You don’t want them to just go through the motions with regards to your email hosting side. Email specialists such as, Google and Microsoft have far more sophisticated tools and features, when it comes to sending your emails.

It’s time to move your email!

Now that we’re all clear that emails and hosting should be best kept separate, why not consider a new hosting platform? Check out our free 7 day trial of STORM by clicking below!

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