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Having worked with Rob Fenech for going on a decade, we have seen him work agency-side before founding his very own business. This long-lasting relationship has seen us go out for a pint or two, deal with various client issues and generally just get to know Rob – a thoroughly great and talented chap – pretty well.

Unsurprisingly, Rob was one of the earliest adopters to STORM and has been enthusiastic about it ever since. So, our team decided to go and pay Rob a visit and see what it is about STORM that helps him to run his business efficiently.

Firstly, Rob expressed that his initial reaction was “wow,”. He found that the user interface was so much easier than the alternatives, and that, “it made his life so much easier”. When we hear feedback like this, we know that we are doing right by our clients, both freelancers and agencies, knowing that their workflow has been streamlined as a result of using STORM as their hosting platform of choice.

Most importantly, Rob found that STORM is exceptionally easy to use and that he didn’t have to faff around with components that were beyond his technical ability. More than that, Rob was particularly impassioned by the advantage that STORM posed for many of his e-commerce clients, who he was able to make PCI complaint in just one click. Handling the entire process means that he has far more time to spend on his clients. In fact, Rob found that the entire server has made him far more efficient as a developer, meaning he spends far more time doing his client facing work, rather than spending his resources and energy on server management.

Rob poignantly acknowledged, if he spends an hour a day on server management, times that by five days a week, and keep multiplying the figure to account for weeks, months and even years, he is saving a heck of a lot of time. Time far more usefully spent on developing his clients’ websites.

Rob ended his interview by saying that he would always recommend STORM to any developer looking to host their website(s). This was great feedback for us, as we really pride ourselves on creating a system that is practical to our clients, takes the pain away from hosting and makes their life that bit easier, leaving them with more time, and less hassle.

If you are interested in learning more about STORM, you are always welcome to come into our office for a demonstration, or by all means give us a call on 0203 005 9181, or drop our team an email on [email protected]


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