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It may be hot, and sticky and oh did we mention hot, but we at Nimbus Hosting are looking forward to the summer as this year, once again, we will be attending WordCamp Brighton as a sponsor.

Packed full of some truly fantastic speakers, as well as being an opportunity for us to meet and mingle with our peers and contacts in the digital community, we are excited for some educational talks, as well as a beer or two. But, looking at the schedule for this year we thought to ourselves, what are set to be the hottest topics at the conference this year?

Wordcamp Brighton

Well interestingly this year, there isn’t a huge amount on SEO with only one talk dedicated to the topic. Instead, there is far more of a focus on topics such as mindfulness in the workplace with some seriously informed and passionate speakers including Fiona Clarke, a trainer from Mind with Heart, as well as Neil Gilmour who will be discussing his experiences in the field using science to improve the mental health of children. There also seems to be something of a focus on professional development with a number of talks devoted to building companies, brands and personalities; helping freelancers grow from sole proprietors to agents.

Although that being said, what has the team at Nimbus Hosting most excited is the talks on the future of branding, which we think, will quite possibly be the most popular topic at this year’s WordCamp. Because in this ever changing field you really never can rest on your laurels, and more than that, 2019 should see the start of some real shifts in the industry.

As we have already discussed, there is a move away from SEO practice and a focus on the future of design, colour and applications. In fact, the future of the web will see coders go back to basics and design beautiful websites aimed at individuals as their primary function, a theme which happily Nimbus Hosting has already embraced.

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