How important is your data?

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Digital data is fast becoming many small companies most valuable asset, yet a surprising amount of these organisations have no real strategy for backing it up. The effects of losing their data has moved from just embarrassing to truly damaging for many organisations.

A recent survey found that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months and that companies that cannot resume normal operations within ten days due to severe data loss are not likely to survive.

If you are hosting with Nimbus, you can rest assured that we are running disk redundancy on all servers so a single disk failure will not affect the servers in any way. That being said, hardware failure is not the only threat to your data. Below are some other possible threats.

  • Malicious damage
  • Accidental deletion
  • Data corruption

A tried and tested backup strategy should be a priority for any business.

There are many ways of backing up you data with varying costs. At Nimbus, we offer an offsite online backup service for any server that is hosted with us. Please call 0208 0909 664 for further information and pricing on this service. Some benefits of online backups are described below.

  • Easier to manage – Backups are fully automated on a daily basis.
  • Multiple locations – The provider stores your data at different locations in purpose built online backup data centres. This means that you will not lose data due to a natural disaster
  • More versions – We can restore your files from many different versions – yesterday, last week, three weeks ago. In fact we keep a version for each of the past 30 days. These older versions can be restored to any location on your server
  • More cost effective – Conventional backups costs time and effort as well as storage device and software.
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