HTTPS – It’s the secure way forward

Lydia .

There was an interesting development from Google yesterday when they announced that they are now taking into consideration if a site implements HTTPS, for its rankings.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network, with especially wide deployment on the Internet. Technically, it is not a protocol in and of itself; rather, it is the result of simply layering the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of the SSL/TLS protocol, thus adding the security capabilities of SSL/TLS to standard HTTP communications. Wikipedia

In simple terms, when you visit a website, the page will usually be displayed using HTTP, but if secure data is being sent, the site coder may implement an SSL certificate to encrypt the data that is being sent between the server an visitor, in which case you’ll see the address bar switch to HTTPS at the start of the address. It is particularly important to keep an eye out for this if you are submitting any personal details such as credit card information, your postal address or submitting/accessing any other type of private information.

If you run an eCommerce site, chances are you already have an SSL on your site (a certificate that encrypts traffic between your visitors and the server and vica versa), but we also recommend having an SSL on your site if you collect any data from your visitors (even if it is just a login username/email/password). This new development from Google is an interesting one – we think that SSL’s are always a good idea on your site – even if it is just protecting your login pages – but we’re now expecting to see more non ecommerce sites implementing SSL’s for both the SEO and visitor confidence benefits. We’ve got a whole range of SSL certificates available – check out our SSL page to see them. If you’d like a chat about which is best for your site, then drop us a line on 0208 0909664, or email [email protected].

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