I ordered cPanel but when I login I get WHM?

Tim .

If you’ve ordered a cPanel on your server (Tornado and above), when you login to your server, you’ll see the following page:
WHM Login Page

WHM is essentially the cPanel manager – you can setup multiple cPanel accounts within the one WHM instance – so that you can provide individual access to separate websites for your clients or admins whilst keeping the rest secure and out of reach. If you are coming from a shared environment, or one where you only had cPanel access rather than WHM, you don’t need to worry, WHM is just the overall master control for your cPanel account(s).

Once logged in to WHM, you’ll be met with a panel similar to the below.

WHM Panel

If we have migrated your website for you, you’ll be able to click on ‘Account Information (near the centre of the screen)-> List Accounts’, then you’ll see a list of the cPanel accounts we have moved/created. Just click the small blue ‘cP’ button to enter into the cPanel for that particular site/domain. If you want to access the cPanel directly, you can do so by going to https://youripaddress:2083 or https://yourdomain:2083 and logging in using the details from the accounts list. If you previously had cPanel when we migrated the site over, chances are these will remain the same.

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