WordPress security – The importance of updating WordPress

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WordPress has fast become the world’s leading website platform with 26% of the web using the CMS (as of May 2016). Due to its huge popularity the platform is frequently updated to ensure security, fix bugs and add new features for its continually growing user base.

Unfortunately, the huge user base that WordPress has makes it an easy target for Hackers. When WordPress do release a new update they also release with it a document of the fixes that the update includes, meaning that the security breaches that the new update includes are highlighted and therefore gives hackers an idea of how to target the sites that have yet to implement the update.

Shockingly, only 22% of WordPress sites are up to date and for a hacker, this statistic literally translates into a vast amount of websites that they can try to gain access to.

Although the CMS platform itself is extremely susceptible if not kept up to date, a recent study from Sucuri found that almost 10% of the compromised WordPress sites they looked into had an out of date and therefore vulnerable version of RevSlider running on the site emphasising the importance for web site owners to stay on top of updates not only on the application level of their site but also on any plugin updates and patches.

Although we’ve pushed on the need to update your site as quickly as possible when new patches and updates are released, it’s really important to make sure you always back up your site before. If something does go wrong with the update it will ensure that you can restore it to a previous working version while determining a fix.

Given enough time, motivation and resources , hackers will identify and potentially exploit any software vulnerabilities and although there is never a guarantee your website will never become a victim of malicious hacking, making sure everything is running on the latest versions and consistently updated is a good way of reducing the risks.



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