Interview with Louise Towler on WordCamp Brighton

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Having known Louise for some time, we have always been impressed with her expertise. A true fountain of knowledge, Louise alongside her own in-house team of developers at Indigo Tree has, quite rightly, built an exceptional reputation in the local community.

So it is unsurprising that she has been asked to speak not once, but twice at this year’s WordCamp Brighton. Giving her own talk where she will describing her experiences using Gatsby to build websites in a workshop, she will also be sitting on a panel featuring Kelly Molson, Meg Fenn, Vineeta Greenwood and Marieke van de Rakt; all about the scaling and growth of agencies.

And we expect great things as Louise is no stranger to conferences, attending a number throughout the year to ensure she stays well ahead of the curve. In the past few years she has attended WordCamp’s around the world including Paris and Vienna, as well as a host of other conferences up and down the UK.

However, despite all her travels she is still impressed with this year’s line-up at good ol’ Brighton. She is particularly looking forward to hearing from Sean Blakely who will be speaking this year, alongside Alain Shlesser and, in general, thinks that the Saturday afternoon line-up looks pretty cracking (our words, not hers.)

And, of course, we couldn’t let her go without getting some insight into her thoughts on the future of WordPress. Unsurprisingly, Louise was quick to mention Guttenberg, although is understandably concerned that a number of clients still have no idea of what is to come, which could well make websites being built now tricky to maintain pretty sharpish. Louise, herself, admits that to increase the speed of websites she is working far more with the REST API for the content of the website, and using other tools to build the front-end of the website.

We really would recommended speaking to Louise at WordCamp because we are sure you will find yourself having an immensely interesting conversation, which as Louise herself says is what WordCamp’s are all about.


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