When is Private Cloud Hosting the Right Hosting Option?

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With a tonne of hosting options on the market, many businesses are tempted by the cheap or even free alternatives. As a digital agency owner, you’re concerned with keeping costs down. So, shared hosting may seem like the right choice when launching new websites for your clients. However, as their website starts to get more traffic and your clients business begins to scale, you’ll need to review the hosting package and find a solution that can accommodate the requirement of providing a good user experience (UX). While there are many options available, none can offer the level of control, flexibility and freedom that a private cloud can.  

What is private cloud hosting?

A private cloud (also known as a dedicated server) is a physical server that is solely used by a single client. An easier way to picture this is being the difference between owning a house and renting a flat. In the simplest terms, with your own web server, you are at liberty to configure what you want without sharing resources with other sites.

Essentially, servers are specially designed to perform several functions. They offer greater security and assurance to companies dealing with confidential information, and limit downtime or slow page loading since there are no other users on the server. Since they allow businesses to have full control over the hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades and security features, they do come at a premium cost.

When is a private cloud server the right hosting option?

This type of hosting primarily benefits large websites with high traffic. They’ll need their sites to be consistently fast with little or no downtime. A private cloud may be right for you if you have the following requirements. 

1.     Your clients’ website has high traffic volumes

If a site has growth potential, opting for a private cloud is an ideal choice. For instance, if you’re still using shared hosting, when traffic spikes, it could lead to constant downtime, which eventually causes loss of revenue. Your clients website should be prepared to handle increased traffic before any potential problems surface.

2.     Site security

Website security is crucial, specifically for those handling sensitive data. Every site owner should prioritise the protection of website data from hacks and viruses. In a nutshell, a private cloud server is a single-tenant solution; you’re fully in control of your website’s security as well as having flexibility in adding your own configuration and custom software.

3.     Site speed and load times

A private cloud offers an exclusive platform with no competition for resources. Making them a great solution for high traffic websites or for those that are planning on expanding quickly. This means that the server will function efficiently and faster than a shared option. With a shared option you share the processing power with others. Whereas your own server is completely dedicated to your site(s)! Going for a private cloud guarantees you the much-needed bandwidth to optimise your loading times.

4.     Having control over the server

With a private cloud, cloud and VPS Servers, the server owner has root access to it. This gives the owner authority to customise the server using any configuration style. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to spot a problem before it affects the site.

Private cloud servers with Nimbus Hosting

Nimbus’ dedicated private cloud hosting is ideal if you are looking to custom build a server. You will be able to choose exactly what software and hardware you need to meet your requirements. With our state-of-the-art data centres and an experienced team, you don’t need to have your server onsite and worry about any hardware problems that could arise. We also offer top-notch managed support if you choose our very own control panel, STORM, for your private cloud server build. Whether you’re keen to invest in your own private cloud or would like to explore VPS cloud hosting solutions that tick the major requirements on your list without breaking your budget, our consultants can help you to make the right decision for your agency. Contact us today.

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