Is your business mobile-ready?

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It isn’t enough to simply possess a responsive website these days. Now, thanks to Google’s recent mobile-first indexing update, it’s vital your site not only works on a phone or iPad, but works well as that is what Google is now prioritising.

We have teamed up with The Evergreen Agency who are digital marketing specialists in Oxfordshire to look at this recent development and share some insights, enjoy!

For years, the search engine’s been preparing for the development – and it’s something we’ve seen coming at The Evergreen Agency. It’s why we’ve spent some time filming a video which will help businesses (who aren’t yet mobile-ready) polish up their presence, both on desktops and elsewhere.

If you’re wondering what the update will mean for your business, my video explains more – just click here to view it. It’s packed with advice, but the key point is this: Google now has just one index. This has been brought into play simply to reflect people’s current browsing habits.

Since most of us are now bypassing a company’s desktop website in favour of a quick browse on our mobile or tablet, it’s vital businesses like yours have – or have already put – steps in place to get on board with the change. What that means is simply making sure the mobile version of your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

If you haven’t yet had a notification email to say your site has been switched to mobile-first indexing, you’re due to receive one via Google. Crawling the mobile version of your site, for now, it’ll only be transferring those online platforms which appear ready for the change.

The new development came into force on Monday, March 26, so it’s still relatively early days for mobile-first indexing – but that doesn’t mean you should be complacent. Your site’s usability and engagement may now come under fire, so start by doing one simple thing: grab your mobile phone and take a good look at your website. How is it looking on your mobile?

You should first see if it works, and then ask yourself if it’s quick to load, easy to find your way around, and generally a smooth and stress-free experience. If it isn’t the latter, it’s likely to be anything but a walk in the park when potential customers land on it, too.

If you want to do another check, take a look at this handy Google testing tool which will help you discover the usability of your mobile site quickly and easily.

So, how does mobile-first indexing actually work? If you’re interested in the ins and outs, have prepared a thorough article which offers plenty of insight. Search Engine Land’s recently-published FAQ will also answer some of your queries, so make sure you click here to take a look.

Keen to know more about the mobile-first indexing update? You’re in luck, as Brian Dean has produced a comprehensive guide on the Backlinko site. It features everything you need to know about mobile SEO and how you can ensure your site is up to speed – both on mobile and desktop – now the new update is here.

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