Managed hosting with Nimbus – So how will it save you time?

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Managed hosting with Nimbus: 

So how will it save you time?

We love our Google reviewers. And one great comment caught our eye recently. Comparing our hosting to others he’d tried, the reviewer mentioned the ‘weirdness’ of one of our competitors. Which certainly tickled us a bit.

We couldn’t be happier that by identifying a gap in the market for a platform that feels super  simple and efficient, we’ve actually created a new normal. For us, intuitive design and excellent service is the norm – and we’re thrilled to be getting some high fives for it.


Nimbus Hosting Google review


Don’t let the dull stuff drag you down

As any agency grows, it has to handle more projects, for more clients. Which puts a serious limitation on what you can achieve in a day as a developer – even with all that caffeine. 

Server configurations, security updates and patches might be essential, but they’re a real killjoy, taking you away from the all-important business of creating incredible user experiences (UX) for your clients’ and their websites. 

So, if you’re tired of web hosts that work like bottlenecks rather than cogs in your well-oiled web-design machine, we’d like to invite you over to the dark side. (Seriously, we have a dark mode feature. It’s awesome.) But back to the point. 

Grab yourself a game changer

STORM was built to support your creative workflows and speed up your projects with tools that just make sense. So, instead of spending time managing your server, you can work collaboratively with your team to get more stuff done. The kind of stuff that earns you kudos with clients. Because when was the last time a customer said: “Gee Dave, you sure were patient with that server update.” Literally never. That has never, ever happened. Not once.

10 ways we’ll save you time

On the other hand, clients love seeing you flex your creative muscles. And if you spent less time on things like server updates, you’d have a whole lot more time to wow them – and actually get on with the work you want to do. So, how can STORM help?

  1. 1. We’ve made STORM a control panel that you actually want to use. Because we’ve all been confronted by clunky panels that irritate from the get-go. They’re not fun. And that’s why we wanted our interface to actually do what it says on the tin: give you control.
  1. 2. Our multi-server dashboard means you can see everything clearly in one place, and there’s even a search bar to help you find what you’re looking for, fast.
  1. 3. Our website tagging feature means you can make all your colour-coding, neat-freak dreams come true. Label your website according to CMS, as ‘under development’, or whatever works with your team’s organisational system. Then you can all use the search tab to find what you need, whenever you need it.
  1. 4. Speaking of teams, when it comes to collaboration, STORM gives your whole gang the freedom to work on the same project at the same time. Handy stuff.
  1. 5. With STORM’s quick plugins overview you can pop the hood open on any WordPress site, check for exploits and make decisions without faffing around. The plugin table updates overnight, so you can relax knowing you’ve got the most up-to-date version.
  1. 6. It’s always been a risky business migrating, making updates or creating new sites on servers that look after your live ones. But in STORM, you can have a separate staging server in just one click – straight from your website dashboard. Which means you can keep your experiments behind closed doors till you’re ready for the big reveal.
  1. 7. With automated features that help you control access to your server for clients and remote workers, you can really reduce your admin load. Even better, it’s easy to put time limits on that access, protecting privacy and authority over your files.
  1. 8. And while we’re on the topic of admin, with a little help from STORM, e-commerce websites can become PCI compliant in just one clickDone and done.
  1. 9. If you’re thinking of coming over, we provide a managed migration service so it’s easy to move websites from where they currently live, onto our servers, without doing all that time-consuming heavy lifting yourself. And when we say managed, we mean managed – by a real, live tech expert, not an app. So you’ll get actual support, when you need it. 
  1. 10. And speaking of support, last but definitely not least, we’ve got your back. Our people are your people. So when you need a hand, we’ll pick up the phone, we’ll reply to your email, we’ll snap up your support ticket. However you get in touch, we’ll get you back on track fast. No more hanging around on hold. Ever.

You do you – we’ve got the rest

It takes a lot of skill and experience to become a successful, innovative developer. You’ve got so much to bring to the web-design process, it’s a shame all that menial, repetitive server management often keeps your hands (and brain) tied. 

So, if there’s a frustrated creative buried under your not-so-creative workload, how about we dig you out? We’ll handle your hosting, update your security, optimise your databases and give you that point-and-click interface you’ve been waiting for. And once all that’s in place, you’ll be free to do your thing. Whatever you want that to be.

Because with STORM, you can enjoy faster websites and a smoother backend experience for everyone contributing to the build. Which means you’ll have much more time to let your imagination run wild. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.

But bells and whistles aside, there’s one big reason we save our clients so much time – our honest, human customer service. We’re a compact team of super-knowledgeable tech peeps who believe that for our business to be successful, yours has to be too. 

So when you call, expect us to be the kind of friendly, resourceful people you like working with – because there’s no weirdness here, just really great hosting.
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