How to speed up Magento!

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Providing your customers with a fast and stable shopping experience is vital to your Magento sites success – the last thing you want is customers abandoning orders due to frustration at site speeds. Here at Nimbus we understand Magento inside out and will help you get the very best speeds from your hosting with us.

There are a number of ways we can speed up your Magento site – using tools such as Varnish, APC or Litespeed.

Varnish is a HTTP accelerator which caches certain static content on your website in order to serve pages faster to your visitors.

APC (Alternative PHP Cache) is a caching engine that saves a compiled version of PHP files. It basically makes your php script executions run more efficiently by making sure that only the requests needed actually run, and the rest are pulled from the cache.

LiteSpeed is a paid Apache replacement that benchmarks at more than six times faster as your base HTTP server. It is a bit more configurable than NGINX and generally gives even faster performance – making in the choice for many eCommerce sites.

If you’d like to have any of these installed on your server to supercharge your Magento site speed, please drop us a line on 0208 0909664 or email [email protected].

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