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It’s time for a new feature within STORM! Our control panel has taken on the ability to enable Let’s Encrypt SSLs in our STORM control panel to allow our customers instant access to SSL security on their websites. Let’s Encrypt is ideal for very basic SSL encryption on smaller website, staging or development sites.

You can quickly enable a Let’s Encrypt on the SSL page with a handy on/off toggle. STORM will automatically check all the domains, subdomains and aliases for that web site and install the SSL within a few seconds. As soon as that has been completed, you can enable the HTTP to HTTPS redirect to divert all visitors to the new secure web site address…it really is that simple!

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Post updated –  6th September 2017

Launching today, STORM now supports multiple domains with the Let’s Encrypt SSL. These additional domains are also known as Subject Access Names or SANs. This means that we can encrypt and secure multiple domains pointing to the same web site using a free Let’s Encrypt Certificate. Handy!

We’ve made it really easy to secure additional domains too. All you will need to do is add an additional domain under the Domains tab on the Web Site configuration area in STORM. Then, under the Let’s Encrypt toggle on the SSL Configuration page you’ll see a smaller, little baby toggle for each domain. Just toggle the domains you would like added to the SSL and within a few seconds they’ll be added to the SSL Certificate. Should the process fail STORM will give you a reason why it has failed.

You will need to make sure that the DNS for the domain is pointing to the STORM server, that password protection has been disabled and that there isn’t a redirect for this web site.

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