Office 365 & Google Apps – the future of email

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Back in 2013, we wrote a blog post about the benefits of using Office 365 or Google Apps for your email system.
Since then the take-up of these two services has skyrocketed – primarily due to the ever evolving landscape of spam email, but also due to the resilience it offers to having your mailboxes away from your server IP – particularly when it comes to deliverability & security.

We’re seeing a fairly large increase in the amount of mailboxes/servers being hacked due to insecure passwords, and then used as a spam sending point – resulting in server IP’s being blocked and being unable to send legitimate emails for weeks after the hack has been dealt with. Although it is possible to get this resolved, it can be a huge nuisance and cause major disruptions to your business operations.

By having your mail with Office 365 or Google, you’ll not only get all their fantastic benefits when it comes to spam filtering, connectivity etc, but also their security – we’d particularly recommend two-factor authentication. You’ll get all this and more for less that £3.50 per mailbox per month.

Your server with Nimbus is capable of being used as a basic mail server, but the ongoing battle between spam management, hacking and blocking means that Office 365 and Google Apps are the go-to platforms if email is critical to your business/site.

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