The importance of partnering with specialist hosting providers

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At Nimbus Hosting, we are rather proud of the work we do with agencies, which we believe offers a genuinely robust and supportive service. This is because we are agency specialists, having lived and breathed the sector for decades; we network, collaborate and support agency folk and, believe, we provide a service that goes above and beyond in being resourceful, proactive and helpful. So what are the advantages of partnering with a specialist hosting provider?

For us, this is where STORM comes in. As of June 2017, and specifically designed for agencies, our brand-new hosting platform STORM was launched, allowing our clients to manage and deploy their websites in an efficient, clear and stress-free way. The control panel allows you to streamline your workflow, managing all your servers from one single dashboard and complete tasks in a single click. We’ve been told by our clients that we are “light years ahead of c-panel”, so why not try our STORM trial to see if this could be a solution for you. It has allowed our clients to focus primarily on website design and development for their clients, and less on managing their clients hosting.

Having worked with many agency clients over the years, we believe we have great insight into the expectations and requirements, helping to make sure our relationship is painless and seamless from the outset. We have the expertise and resources to keep ourselves up to date, as well as investing in the future, offering that cutting edge solution to be at the forefront of the agency industry. This is a fantastic advantage and one which know our clients truly appreciate.

If you would like to ask us many more questions about using a specialist hosting provider and our agency hosting platform STORM, please feel free to give us a call on 0203 005 9180 or drop us an email on [email protected]


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