Managing Windows Server updates

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We have all seen the recent cyber-attacks affecting the NHS and other organisations in the news over the past few weeks. Here at Nimbus we have also seen targeted Ransomware attacks on some of our client’s Windows servers. The vulnerability was patched in a recent Windows Update so any servers that have not been updated will be vulnerable.

Due to the significance of this, we have undertaken the huge task of manually updating all Windows servers that we had access to, with the latest updates to protect our clients servers. This is something we do not usually do due to the fact that these updates can sometimes create errors with your applications, as well as involve server reboots but it was essential due to the immediate risk of Windows servers on the Nimbus network.

We would like to make two recommendations in light of these recent attacks.

Enabling Auto-Updates

It is our recommendation to either enable auto Windows updates on your server, or implement a rigid updating process to make sure that your server is running the latest updates and providing protection against these type of attacks. This is not something that we cover as part of our standard service, but if you would like us to enable this for you, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can help going forward.

Malware Protection

Our second recommendation would be to install some additional anti-malware/ anti-virus software on your Windows server. A good option for this would be to use something like Malwarebytes Premium which has an active malware scanner, this can protect against Ransomware and other unwanted Malware on your server.

We are happy to assist with the installation of this software, please get in touch ASAP to discuss this further.

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