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The coronavirus outbreak is turning life – and business – upside down. We know these are tough, exhausting, alarming times for agencies and their clients, so we wanted to remind you just how safe and secure your websites are with us. Because whatever happens, we’re here, we’re ready and we’ve always got your back…

There’s never been a week like the one we’ve just had. And at this rate, next week might just be worse. Everyone here at Nimbus understands how phenomenally challenging it is for all of you out there at the moment, and that’s why we’re so serious about giving you the support you need.

Remote team, real support

Like many of you, we’re working remotely. To keep our amazing team safe and well, we’ve sent them home, where they’ve knuckled down to bring you the same friendly, expert support you always get from us. Call them on their usual numbers and they’ll pick up, solve your problems and keep your websites running just as smoothly as ever. It’s what they do.

Asking our team to stay at home keeps them – and you – safer. Working away from our busy HQ means they’re less likely to fall ill, which means fewer people off sick, which means more hands on deck to help you and your clients, whenever you need it.

Uninterrupted access and control

One of the best things about a business like ours in times like these, is that everything really can be done remotely, with no change in the robustness of our security or the resilience of our service.   

So, as well as responding to your support requests just like normal, we’ve got the same level of access to – and control of – our platform as usual. We’re just as connected to our systems, to our colleagues and to you, as we always are. Anything we can do at HQ, we can still do. 100%.

Our super-secure data centre

When you host with us, your websites live on servers at our incredibly robust Tier 3+ data centre, which has a minimum of N+1 in every single area and is supported by a local team of rapid-response engineers. What that means in real terms, is that there are multiple network providers and multiple power feeds, all serving the same expertly designed data centre.

If one power feed fails, the others kick right in. And in the incredibly unlikely event that all power feeds fail, we have UPS back-up battery banks and generators that automatically take their place. And if those fail too? We’ve even got back-up back-up generators.

99.995% uptime (still) guaranteed

We’re really proud of our uptime guarantee, and with all the measures we’ve put in place, we know we can keep on delivering it.

To carry us all through these tough times and cope with any extra demand you might face over the next few weeks and months, we’ve made sure our data centre has extra capacity – more than ever before. And, like everything else, it can be controlled remotely by our team.

Whatever happens, we’ve got you

Yes, we’re busy. And yes, things might take a little longer than usual. But we’ve got you. Our systems are strong, our people are protected and our priority is providing business as usual for you – and your clients – however unusual the circumstances.

If you’ve got any worries at all, we’re really happy to answer your questions or talk things through, so please just drop us a line or give us a ring on 0203 005 9181. We’re here to get you through this.

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