The future of content marketing

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The Future of Content Marketing

This week we spoke to Helena Baker who runs a copywriting business over in Finchley. A little bit of a technology nerd she was extremely excited to be given the option to discuss the Future of Content. So we sat ourselves down in a hipster coffee shop of her choice and sipped our Chai Lattés as we listened to her speak all about the future of content marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

We are not there yet, but in the conceivable future of artificial intelligence, will undoubtedly, help facilitate the writing process. Already, “automated writing technology” has been developed by Professor Larry Birnbaum of the Northwestern University in Illinois, who interestingly  also teaches at the Journalism School. This makes a lot of sense as the synergy between journalism and AI is pretty clear, even now in the earliest days of the technology. According to Kris Hammond who is one of the earliest adoptees of this technology, “by 2025 90% of all news read by the general public will be generated by computers.”

However, the writers amongst us can breathe a sigh of relief. Because that isn’t to suggest their role will become redundant, but rather that there will be far more content available than ever before. And it will be quicker – so when a catastrophe happens on the other side of the world, the amount of time we will have to wait before learning about it will be massively decreased.

Artificial Intelligence

But, what AI will never be able to do is create a unique tone of voice. That sparkle, wit or humour that helps you content shimmer and shine may well be replicated by AI, but never created from scratch. This means that in the future having a unique tone of voice will be more important than ever, with each business and brand needing a clear and definable way they use language and style to communicate with their users.

Topic Cluster

There is no doubt that SEO and content are converging; becoming intricately linked now more than ever. That is not to say that content should ever be written purely for SEO; more and more often Google is developing nuanced algorithms that are able to measure the quality of content, and not just the content.  However, that is not to say that SEO can’t influence the content you write. And one of those influences moving forward could well be a topic cluster. A topic cluster sees you create a pillar page – such as…say the future of digital marketing which then acts as a road map for pages that continue on from that central theme but in far more depth. So for example a blog on “the future of content marketing” or “the future of branding,” – clever, eh? This is known as cluster content and allows you to create links to the various other pages through the use of long-tail keywords; allowing you to elevate the google ranking of each page. And if you’re really clever you might even get some collaborators involved so they post the content on their site; giving you some powerful backlinks and helping you increase the ranking of your SEO even further. In fact, Helena predicts that this sort of creativity in content marketing will become increasingly common. Which happily bring us to our next point…


There seems little doubt that in a post-GDPR world, email marketing is going to rapidly be on the descent. Not only that, but there is so much darn content online that it can be a little difficult to stand out from the crowd. So expect to see far more creativity – gated content, spectacular infographics twinned with winning words, elaborate white paper. In the future, there will be far more pressure to create content that is more than just a random listacle offering up generic tips, but relevant, niche and targeted content.


The global market place is frankly flooded with businesses – all offering up similar services delivered in much the same way. And so the only way to really and truly stand out is through Storytelling – through offering up something a consumer can truly relate to. This sort of marketing is particularly prevalent around Christmas time when big brands like Apple and Amazon both created adverts that were meant to fill the viewer with the joy and merriment; emotive and alive – they certainly got people talking. And that sort of advertising is what can really grab user attention. In much the same way that Ed and Dave over at Business Film Booth aim to put a person on every website in the UK, Helena firmly believes that all websites should have a “team” page – filled with pictures, facts and anecdotes. As a way for your potential consumer to get to know you.

So that’s it really; when it comes to content marketing you will really need to focus on being original, creative and having a clear tone of voice.

If you would like to discuss any more about content marketing with or without a Chai Latté, feel free to contact Helena on [email protected] or drop me a call on 07826 857 882.

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