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Nimbus Hosting spoke with Emma Jane Clark, the founder of Gertrude & Ivy, a very British Social Media agency, based in London. Having heard some really fantastic things about Emma Jane and knowing that she regularly delivers Social Media training to agency professionals, we were excited to hear her thoughts on the future of Social Media. And, we have to admit she really did open our eyes into the current nature of Social Media and how it is set to develop this year and beyond.

360/Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

We have already discussed the future of virtual reality in a previous blog. However, an aspect we hadn’t considered until we spoke with Emma Jane was the impact this could have on Social Media. In Emma Jane’s words “we couldn’t write a blog on Social Media in 2018 without mentioning it.” And with most social networks now allowing for 360 display, expect to see more and more businesses (particularly those in leisure and tourism) go the extra mile with their 360 degree marketing efforts. In fact, according to the latest stats those who view a listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a viewing there. Not too shabby.

Virtual Reality

Storytelling & Storymaking  

User generated content and getting consumers involved in the storytelling process will be increasingly important over the coming years. Already, certain brands have done this to a fantastic degree of success with one of our favourites being Aerie and their #AerieReal campaign. Due to the backlash over excessive photoshopping, Aerie vowed to stop retouching photos of models in swimsuits – for every Instagram user that posted an unedited photo of themselves in a swimsuit Aerie promised to donate $1 to the National Eating Disorders Association. A great example of inspiring the audience to participate and creating highly effective Social Media marketing.


This well-established marketing concept, is one in which Emma Jane clearly believes, as her agency specialises in Social Media marketing campaigns here in Britain. More and more, we see a focus on local targeting in Social Media marketing. Really refining that cultural messaging to make sure you communicate with precisely the right people, in exactly the right way. And it is now easier than ever to deliver the message to a hyper-local audience, thanks to targeted ads, available on all major social networks.


With the recent uproar over Cambridge Analytics and the role that Facebook had to play in a situation, which allegedly saw 50 million users’ data harnessed to help Trump win the election, there have been huge cries over security and safety online. Since the scandal broke, Facebook lost nearly $50 billion in market capital and have been the subject of some incredibly negative publicity. This could mark a shift in the way individuals interact with Social Media, with far more emphasis on privacy and making sure that users’ data is secure. This is particularly relevant against the backdrop of GDPR and an increasing awareness on behalf of individuals that they have the power and the right to make sure that their data is private and secure.

Over the next few years expect to see far more user awareness and calls for better data protection.

Social Messaging

This is something we touched upon in our blog on the Future of Digital Marketing, but another Social Media expert we spoke with – Saskia Rumbelow believes that instant social messaging will make a huge statement this year as it allows consumers to quickly and seamlessly interact with brands. This is something Instagram is working on, as they are currently in the testing phase of a separate messaging app called, ‘Direct’. Dark social already has a significant impact the Social Media mix – Emma Jane hopes to see more data made (safely) available for digital marketers.

Collaboration for influence

This is something that is already being seen with the rise of bloggers and brands interacting; particularly as seen through Instagram ads where the likes of stars such as Kim Kardashian and ex- Love Island stars (not that we would ever watch this rubbish) can charge as much as £100,000 for one post. Obviously, not every brand can afford this level of investment, but collaborating with the right people can be a really great way of interacting with your target demographic.

If you have any more questions regarding Social Media marketing, you can contact Emma Jane directly on [email protected], or call the Gertrude & Ivy office on 0203 137 7240 and check out their website here.

And, of course, if you would like to discuss your hosting, feel free to check out our website here, give us a ring on 0203 005 9181 or drop us an email on [email protected].


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