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Now at Nimbus we can reel off the facts and figures – that video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019 and that according to YouTube (who admittedly do have a vested interest in the production of video content) mobile video consumption grows by 100% each year. Essentially, there is little doubt that video content is important and ever growing.

So this week at Nimbus Hosting we spoke to the lads from the Business Film Booth to gain their insights into the future of film. A local company with some pretty grand ambitions of, putting video on every website in the UK, they are clearly doing something right; having already won and been nominated for a slew of business awards with a reach that stretches all the way from St, Albans right across the country.

So we sat down with co-founders Ed Lawrence and Dave Foulkes to learn a little more about how they envisioned the future of video.


A lot of brands focus on having just one video, a nice piece of promotional content that explains what they do and how they add value. And whilst these are often made with the very best of intentions, they can be….well a little on the dry side. In fact, we see a lot of homepage videos with click rates of between only 2% and 6% which is a worryingly low statistic. Especially, given that around 96% of users don’t come to a website ready to buy, but rather to engage with your brand. So your marketing collateral really needs to be doing its job.


Instead…companies need to spend longer developing an actual video strategy. Think about what your consumers actually want to see e.g – case studies or top tips. With video content you really want to be creating a piece that is engaging, humorous and informative. Sitting down and talking at a camera for 10-15 minutes isn’t going to have quite the same impact as using special effects, imagery and injecting some real personality. Basically, video only works if it ticks all the boxes.


That three letter acronym that is the word on every marketer’s lips, the question asked by almost every client….there is little done digitally that isn’t done without SEO in mind. Now, as it stands video can absolutely have an impact upon SEO. It is far more likely to be shared than text which helps improve your organic search. You can use keywords, titles, tags and descriptions as a way of optimising the content and can even transcribe the text as a way of getting even more of those all important keywords embedded into your site. And, just generally, Google tends to boost those sites with video content as it suggests that they are investing resources into creating a user friendly website.

However, in the future, the lads at Business Film Booth think this could go one step further; with advances in Google Voice search. They suggest that that in the not too distant future, Google may well find a way of listening to what’s in the video; allowing them to pick out those keywords and further increase the SEO of the website.

Social Media

Now obviously video is integral to any YouTube video channel, on which you can seamlessly and efficiently upload content and astoundingly rise through the rankings; helping to improve your overall SEO ranking. However, with the threat of GDPR looming and the fear that is now embedded in the word “mailing list” there seems little doubt that Social Media is set to have an even bigger impact on marketing efforts. One of the most powerful ways of engaging with social media is through video content, making this more important than ever.

Social Media Video

So essentially there are a few takeaways we hope you gain from this blog. Mainly, that video is set to become ever more important in a post-GDPR world as Google looks for ever more refined methods of boosting the right sites. And the best way of creating video content is through is ensuring your content is entertaining, engaging, informative and regular. In the future, we expect to see more weekly or monthly vlogs; allowing visitors to understand more about your business and helping to convert more of the 96% of individuals.

And, who knows, by 2050 maybe every website really will have a video on it?

If you have any more questions on video content feel free to contact Dave and Ed from Business Film Booth. You can also drop them a call on 07595 041 592 or email them on [email protected]

And, of course, if you would like to speak with Nimbus about your hosting feel free to check out our website or give us a call on 0203 005 9181 or drop us an email on [email protected].


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