Three ways to make your websites safer

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At Nimbus Hosting, the things that matter to you, matter to us. Which is why we’ve made it really easy to get great SSL security certificates for every website you run. With three great options to choose from, here’s our quick guide to the right level of protection for you…

Not sure what an SSL actually is?

Well, essentially it’s an encryption technology that protects sensitive data as it travels across the internet. An SSL makes sure hackers can’t interrupt the connection between you and your customers, accessing things like personal information or bank details. An SSL certificate proves you’ve put that security in place and customers can trust your website, and Google can trust your website too! Pretty important stuff. An SSL can boost your SEO ranking, so it benefits you and your customers to have the right one for your website.

So which SSLs do Nimbus offer?

We currently offer three options, each giving you a different level of security. Choosing the right one means thinking about what kind of website you’re running, what kind of data it’s handling and how much you want to pay. As with pretty much everything, the more you pay, the more advanced the product – but whichever one you buy, we’ll install it for you, absolutely free.

If you’re running a brochure site or blog…

Relatively simple websites that don’t handle payments or take customer details can often get all the protection they need from a Let’s Encrypt SSL. The best bit about these? If you’re using our STORM hosting platform you can get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL for each website, in the flick of a toggle. Done and dusted. Nice and easy. Fast and free.

Let’s Encrypt are earning a really strong reputation and constantly bringing in new security features, but it’s worth remembering that they offer a fairly basic level of protector – the minimum expected these days. In fact, more and more phishing websites are finding ways to get Let’s Encrypt SSL’s and make themselves look legit, even when they’re not. So if you’re looking to give your customers real confidence, it might be a good move to step things up a little.

If you’re handling customer data…

As soon as you start gathering customer data through your site, you need to up your security game. Our RapidSSL option makes greater security really affordable, at just £35 a year, plus VAT.

It’s compatible with more browsers – including mobile – which means more people will be able to see your website, buy into your brand and benefit from the security you’ve provided. It’s also got 256-bit encryptions and works across both www and non-www domains.

If you’re taking customer payments…

When you’re asking people to make payments through your website, you need to have your security all sewn up. If people don’t feel confident their details are safe, you’ll lose their sales, and if their details get into the wrong hands on your watch – that spells a whole lot of trouble for everyone.

So its just as well top-notch security is super easy – and only £200 a year, plus VAT – from Nimbus. We offer top-of-the-range GeoTrust True Business ID with EV SSL’s, which really highlights how secure your websites are.

As well as offering all the advantages of our RapidSSL’s, it actually verifies that your business exists, not just that you own the domain name. To show it’s done that, it names your company in the web address bar and gives you a green bar in the search engine, just like you see on banking websites.

The result? Customers can clearly see their details are safe, so they’re much more confident buying, browsing and building a relationship with your brand.

Free installation with every SSL.

Still not sure which option’s right for you? No problem. Just drop us a ticket, jump on a live chat or give our friendly team a ring on 0203 005 9181 and we’ll talk it through, minus the tech jargon. 

Then, once you decide, we’ll be here to make the whole thing easy – installing your chosen SSL totally free, handling renewals and keeping everything running smoothly. Job done.

Like to find out more? You can read all about STORM right here and if you’ve got any questions about signing up, SSL certificates, or literally anything else web related, just drop us an email or pick up the phone. You can reach us at 0203 005 9180.


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