Virtually speaking

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Here at Nimbus Hosting we are noticing an increasing shift from physical servers to virtual servers. Whether it is people opting to deploy multiple virtual servers on their own physical dedicated servers or, it’s clients choosing a virtual server on one of our servers instead of their own low end dedicated server. Whichever way you look at it, server virtualisation is more cost effective and provides great return on investment.

Benefits of server virtualisation

It is estimated that the average physical server is utilised at 5% of its capacity (processor and network bandwidth usage), that means that there is a large amount of unused resource. Virtualisation can make use of this resource by deploying multiple virtual servers on the same hardware. Some other benefits are listed below:

  • You could separate applications on to their own virtual server to prevent one application from impacting another application when upgrades or changes are made. Alternatively you could run live and development virtual servers on the same physical hardware.
  • Standard virtual server builds can be created that can be easily duplicated and speed up new server deployment.
  • Multiple operating system technologies can be deployed on a single hardware platform (i.e. Windows Server, Linux, etc).

Here at Nimbus

We have experience of multiple virtualisation technologies and have decided to standardise on Citrix Xenserver. We made this choice as Citrix Xenserver provides the most cost effective hardware virtualisation, a cost saving that we can pass on to our clients. Hardware virtualisation gives the virtual servers a reserved section of the critical resources (disk and memory) so that virtual servers on the same hardware cannot impact each other’s stability, this differs from software virtualisation in which all resources are shared and virtual servers can overuse their allocated resource which could impact others. With Citrix Xenserver, only processors and network bandwidth are shared.

Virtually speaking

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