Website Hosting Costs Explained

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A great website takes a team. And however amazing your creatives, picking a great hosting provider really can make all the difference. The right host will add efficiency and optimisation to your projects, give support and information when you need it, and offer clear, flexible pricing plans. They’ll make you better at what you do.

The wrong hosting team, on the other hand, might just leave you with sluggish sites, a dev team that’s permanently stuck on hold and pricing that ties your hands while it’s busy emptying your pockets. Not good for you, and not good for your clients.

There are loads of ways to spot a good hosting partner, but today we’re focusing on one big factor – pricing. Because cheaper isn’t always better. And working out whether you’re getting a good deal isn’t as easy as it ought to be…

Work out what you need

Whatever you’re buying, knowing what you need is the best start. Wander blindly into it and you’ll be up-sold all sorts of stuff you didn’t really ask for – and will probably never use. So get a few things clear in your head first.

One of the biggest things affecting the price of web hosting is the type you go for – shared, cloud VPS or dedicated server. We walk through each of them in this guide, but as a quick explainer, shared hosting is your bargain basement option. Low cost? Yes. Super secure and reliable? Not likely. A dedicated server is the other end of the spectrum. Amazing security? Yes. Whopping great price tag? Also yes.

Cloud VPS hosting sits somewhere between the two. It’s secure, flexible and private, without the major outlay of buying your own physical server. We believe its the best option for agencies, and that’s why it’s what we do.

Suss out service levels

So, the kind of hosting you go for will have a big impact on its price. But it’s not the only factor here. The number of monthly visitors you expect to have, as well as the level of service you’d like, will also play a part. 

That service might include automated backups, email accounts, managed migrations, security features… a whole load of stuff you may or may not need, depending on the skills and resources you’ve got in your team.

Find some flexibility

Agencies aren’t like other businesses. You need a whole lot of freedom and flexibility if you’re going to do your thing and wow your clients. So, when we built our own hosting platform, STORM, we designed it with creatives in mind. We studied the industry in depth and worked closely with our clients to work out how we could add maximum value.

We wanted to give agencies an alternative pricing model that really zeroed in on their needs. And we’re pretty sure we’ve nailed it. STORM comes with a range of price packages, so you can tap into the right resources and services, and get handy perks like free onsite backups and migration. 

Even better, when things change at your end, it’s quick and easy to change them at ours. Scale up (or down) in seconds – we’re here to cheer you on, not hold you back.

Whip up a STORM, your way

STORM brings you two types of hosting – Cloud Entry and Cloud Premium. If you’re designing WordPress sites, you’ll probably want to start with Cloud Entry, but if you’re running Magento or Shopware websites, you’re probably better going down the more heavy-duty Cloud Premium route.

With us so far? Ok, within each of these two routes, we then drill down into a range of packages, so you can pick one that meets your specific needs. So, within Cloud Entry we’ve got Vapour, Helium and Neon. And within Cloud Premium we’ve got Argon, Oxygen and Nitrogen. There’s a handy comparison chart right here, but as a quick example…

If you pick our Neon Cloud Entry package, you’ll be able to host up to 20 WordPress sites and handle up to 250,000 page views a month. You’ll get 4GB of memory and 1TB bandwidth transfer, plus a bunch of other benefits.

But if your monthly traffic figures are upwards of a million, you’d be better with one of our Cloud Premium packages, like Nitrogen, which gives you 12GB of memory, 5TB bandwidth transfer and super-strong Cloudflare security. Sorted.

Scale, grow, do your thing

At Nimbus, we like to think of ourselves as part of your team. So if things are are on the upswing and you suddenly acquire 30 new websites, we’re not going to stand in your way. In fact we’ll help you upgrade your package, upweight your resources and up your game – all you’ll have to do is pay the difference.

That’s because we understand you need the flexibility to grow, as well as the reassurance that you’ve got a dependable hosting partner who’ll deliver the same excellent service, whatever stage your business is at. You’re always in control of what you need, and we’ll always be here to deliver it. Because that’s the way it ought to be.

Get great support, every time

One last thing. When you’re weighing up the costs of web hosting, don’t forget to factor in support. The savings you’ll make on a budget provider can quickly get eaten up if you’re spending hours of dev time hanging about on hold, or losing clients because you can’t react fast enough in an emergency. 

Look into what hosting providers can offer, and check out those Google reviews. Here at Nimbus, we offer managed hosting across all our packages, which means we look after the nitty-gritty, while you get on with your creative thing. 

We also make supporting our agencies a real priority. Drop us a support ticket and we’ll jump right on it. Send us an email and we’ll get right back to you. And if you’d rather just talk it through, pick up the phone. No long waits, no excuses. We’ve got your back.

You can find out more about our STORM packages right here, and if you’d like to talk to our team, we’d love to hear from you. Just give us a ring on 0203 985 5276. We’re really happy to walk you through it, help you make the best choice for your business and give you a quote that makes your day.

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