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When it comes to e-commerce, “Slow is the new Down” – if your site is very slow to navigate and use, it’s on (or near) par to being down/offline in terms of conversion rates. Web shoppers/users are becoming more tech savvy, and no one wants to sit and wait for excessive page load times at each stage of checkout or browsing.

Luckily there’s some handy tools to help you diagnose what could be making your site slow:

Google Page Speed Insights

Pingdom Website Speed Test

All of these tools will give you a good idea of what is taking the time to load on your site. Often it will be a rogue add-on or perhaps an external API that is causing the slow down, but it’s always worth keeping an eye on the results when you add new functionality or just generally as your site traffic grows.

I’m getting a slow result/suggestions on what to improve – Help!

Don’t panic! Some of these we will be able to assist with as your host. We’d recommend first running the results past your developer – they will be able to advise on what they can do from a coding point of view to help. We’ll be able to perform some optimisations to your site if we haven’t already that will help with loading times – drop us a line to check. If your site is based on Magento, Magento 2 or database driven CMS, it’s very difficult to get perfect scores, as the server will always need some ‘thinking’ time to build the pages to serve, but we’ll do everything we can from a server point of view to get things as fast as possible with the memory resources your server has. If you still feel that your site could do with being faster, we can also advise on things like Varnish (Premium packages only) or we can try a free power boost where we allocate your server more memory to see if an upgrade would help.

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