What is managed hosting?

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There’s hosting and there’s hosting. What you get with one provider might be a million miles from what you get with another. And that difference could make, well, all the difference – to the way your website performs and to the work on your plate. So, we wanted to lay it on the line and make it super-duper clear what hosting with Nimbus really means. Here goes.

First up, there’s one little word we need to draw your attention to: managed. Because managed hosting and plain old unmanaged hosting just aren’t the same thing. 

Managed hosting doesn’t just mean a spot to sit your website on. It means a team that helps you look after your servers, do your thing and deal with whatever comes your way. Unmanaged hosting is just server space. No services, no support. If you’re a total tech genius with bags of time on your hands, it’s a great cost-saving option. But if you’re not, managed is the way to go. 

But even within managed hosting, there can be big differences in what hosting companies provide. It’s really important to know what’s included in your package, what’s going to cost extra, and what’s beyond your hosting provider’s scope.

With that in mind, here’s what managed hosting means at Nimbus…

Easy peasy dashboard

Our very own hosting platform for creatives – STORM – will give you a smart, simple control panel for managing your servers, software, users and access. Or you could choose cPanel, Plesk or Windows.

Server hardware

This is the physical server your website sits on at our data centre in North London. With super-robust security and intelligent design, the centre’s set up for optimum power, all the time. Our data centre is fully supported to maintain Virtus’ 100% uptime record, and certified to BS27001 & ISO 27001, and built to a Tier 3 spec! 

Network infrastructure

Your network infrastructure is the connection that gets your users to your website. We’ll create it for you and keep it ship shape.

Virtualisation software

When you don’t need the full power of a dedicated server or private cloud, by utilising virtualisation software we can provide you with your very own virtual private server. This means that we can give you all the space and power you need, completely protected from other clients and not contended.

Server operating system

Whether you’re using Windows or Linux, server operating systems need updating every now and then to keep them performing. We’ll do it automatically, so you don’t have to.


We’ll proactively monitor your network and servers to make sure they’re live, as well as keeping an eye on memory and CPU, sending alerts when they’re low and fixing crashes before you spot a problem. For extra security and transparency, we even do it from our second data centre.

Power boosts

We give every Nimbus customer four free power boosts every year, super-charging your memory and CPU for a week at a time to get you through traffic spikes (Black Friday anyone?), help you fix memory issues or test out new ideas before taking them live. 

Extra services you can add to your package

Domain names

If you like, we can manage your domain and link it to your website using our DNS (domain name system) servers. We can even remind you when it needs renewing so you don’t let it lapse and rack up any extra costs.


Opt into our backup service and we’ll backup your website every night, keep a 30-day history and help you with any restores, if you need them. Oh, and if you’re on STORM, onsite backups are free. If you need extra reassurance, you can upgrade to offsite backups in our secure data centre.

PCI compliance

If you run an e-commerce site, PCI compliance is a real must for security. We can set it up for you, or if you’re on our STORM platform you can switch it on fast and free, with just one click.

SSL certificates

Getting an SSL security certificate is another great way to boost your website’s security and we’ve got a range of brilliant options for all budgets. If you sign up to STORM, you can get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL in one click, or buy any of the others, direct from your dashboard.

So, that’s a quick overview of what managed hosting means here at Nimbus. But it’s not the whole story. We’re also here with friendly, personalised help and advice, whatever’s on your mind, whenever you need us. 
Like to talk it through? Just drop us a line or call our team on 02039855276. They love a natter.

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