What to consider before upgrading to WordPress 5.0

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Although there has been some controversy amongst the WordPress community, last week we saw the release of WordPress 5.0. If you are on our Hosting Platform, STORM, the newest version of WordPress is available right away for brand new installs. However, for existing WordPress installs, we recommend you take precautions to ensure full compatibility before you upgrade.

Not only is the functionality and features of WordPress 5.0 going to take some getting used to, taking caution with making sure that any themes and plugins are compatible is important for your site to continue to function as it was. For improved performance and support, we recommend that you use PHP 7.2.

Before upgrading your live website, we recommend creating a staging version of your site first using the STORM staging functionality. This can be created within just a number of clicks and will be available within a few minutes. Once this has been created, we recommend upgrading PHP to 7.2 and updating WordPress to 5.0. You will then be able to fully test your website, including any plugins, before going through the same procedure on your live website.

Before updating your live website, we recommend taking a backup just in case you need to roll back any of your changes.

Although this may not be an ideal time of year to update your website, once you have made the necessary steps to securing your website, we would strongly recommend updating to the latest WordPress update to prevent your site from becoming compromised. Ultimately, you’ll have greater control over your website content and layout positioning.

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