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One of the most important decisions for any hosting provider is where to keep their hardware. It should also be one of the most important questions that you ask a hosting company when deciding who to give your custom; using a cheap data centre facility may mean cheap hosting but could also result in an unreliable service.

There are many things a hosting company needs to consider when choosing a data centre to store your servers, some of which are listed below:

  • Run your own data centre or use a dedicated data centre provider
  • Location
  • Network bandwidth provision
  • Power facilities
  • Cooling for the equipment
  • Physical security of the premises
  • Fire detection and suppression

Here at Nimbus

When Nimbus hosting was established in June 2011, we were in the advantageous position that we were starting fresh. That coupled with many years’ experience in the hosting sector, using multiple data centres, meant that we could have a clear vision in mind when choosing where to keep our hardware.

We decided to use a data centre in North London run by Virtus, a dedicated data centre provider. The reasons for this are described below.

We felt that we should concentrate on what we are good at, high performance and reliable hosting, and leave the data centre facility to a specialist provider. The Enfield facility was newly built in 2011 so adopts the newest data centre technologies, such as a fine mist fire suppression system rather than turning off air conditioning systems and overheating servers like most providers do. There are also the below features:

  • Fully redundant power provision using multiple generators, UPSs and even multiple power substations
  • State of the art cooling systems
  • Comprehensive security personnel and CCTV covering the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Exceptional network bandwidth provision
  • Onsite support provided by well trained staff

All of the above along with the fact that the data centre is only 20 minutes by car from our office and our engineers’ home made this facility an easy choice for us. Further details about the facility can be found on the link below.

DataCentre Datasheet

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