Why offsite backups make your websites more secure

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Without your website, the world can’t see you. And that’s never good for business. So, running regular backups is an essential part of looking after your site, protecting your hard work and making sure, whatever happens, you can get back on your feet, fast. But why are offsite backups so much better than onsite – and how do you make them happen?

What’s an offsite backup?
When you backup your website, what you’re essentially doing is saving a copy of all the data on your server, so you can go back to it if you need to – for example if your site goes down or you’re trying something new and it doesn’t work out. It’s the same principle as when you save an ordinary file on your computer, except on a much bigger scale.

With offsite backups, you’re saving that data on a server in a different geographical location to your usual one, giving you added security. So, if the worst happens and there’s a fire or break-in at your main data centre, there’s still a copy of your website stored safe and sound somewhere else, ready to be restored and get you back in business, quickly.

How’s that different to an onsite backup?
Onsite backups still save your data in the same way, but they do it at your usual data centre. While these places generally have really tight security (and ours definitely do), there’s still the risk that something unexpected could go wrong, leaving you without a copy of your site to go back to.

Yes, it’s slightly quicker to restore your website when the data’s saved onsite, but not much. So if you ask us, the added layer of security and peace of mind you get from offsite backups is a no-brainer – and a must if you depend on your website to keep your business running.

That’s why, here at Nimbus, we’ve recently made the switch to 100% offsite backups, because we believe they protect our clients – and their clients – even better.

How often do I need to back up?
As a general rule of thumb, we always say it’s a good idea to back up every 24 hours. In fact, at Nimbus, we do it for you, running automatic offsite backups as part of our standard hosting package every single night – so you don’t have to remember to do it.

If you don’t update your website very often, that’s probably more than you strictly need, but we don’t charge extra for it, and it gives you great peace of mind.

On the other hand, if you’re making lots of updates every day, it’s a good idea to backup more often. If you do it before every change or update you make, you’ll always have the reassurance that you can switch straight back if things go pear shaped. That’s why, as well as our automatic backups, we give you the option of creating one yourself, instantly, any time you like.

How do I get offsite backups in STORM?
If you’re already using our STORM hosting platform, you’ll already be getting our automatic offsite backups every night. We give everyone 14 backup slots, so the equivalent of two weeks of nightly offsite backups. If that’s all you need, just leave it with us and we’ll handle the whole thing for you.

If you’d like to run an extra backup yourself, for example before you make a change to your site, just open up your STORM dashboard, click on a site, then the backups in the left-hand nav menu and hit the backup now button. We’ll do it instantly and you’ll see it appear in the backups list below.

Because you’ve got 14 backup slots, every time we (or you) make a new one, we’ll delete the oldest, so you’ve still got 14 to go back to. If you’d like even more backup space, you can upgrade to 28 daily backup slots for just an extra £5 a month. It’s easy to do from that same backup screen – just tick the upgrade box and hit add to cart. Done!

What if my hosting company doesn’t do offsite backups?
For extra security, site protection, business continuity and peace of mind, we really believe offsite backups are the way to go. They’ll safeguard all the work you’ve poured into your websites (or your clients’ websites) so whether you hit a tech hiccup, a security breach or even a natural disaster, your site can be back up and running, incredibly quickly.

If your hosting provider hasn’t made the move to offsite backups just yet, you can try them out in STORM, today. Just take a free 7-day trial, see why our hosting platform is perfect for creatives, and check out our automatic nightly backups – no strings attached.

Like to find out more about web hosting for agencies, offsite backups or our free 7-day trial? Here at Nimbus we’re always happy to chat about all things hosting, so give us a ring on 0203 005 9181, or drop us a line anytime. We’d love to help.

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