Will your data restore work when you really need it?

Tim .

Some companies spend hundreds and even thousands of pounds on data backups, but without testing the backup sets they could be worthless.

Files that you thought were backed up may not be, the media on which the backups are stored may be faulty, a file that you didn’t think was vital may turn out to be required, and the list goes on. If you are backing up your data then it is essential that you test the backup by restoring the data.

We recently had a client request that we restore a copy of their e-commerce database, only to find that the database they asked us to backup had been superseded by a new database. We were backing up the wrong database! Fortunately the client only required the restore for development purposes, imagine if the live database had become corrupt and that was why they required the restore.

If you’re not backing up your data, why not? Unless you subscribe to our backup service we will not be backing up your servers. We do offer an offsite backup service which has saved many of our clients, call us on 0208 0909 664 for further details.

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