Case Study – Juice Creative.

Challenge – Impersonal Support and Poor Level of Service.

The team Juice Creative have previously used a large hosting provider. However, rather than being professional and comprehensive, the provider was instead impersonal in its support, with a poor level of service. Juice Creative was treated with a generic, unspecialised approach.

Because high-level hosting is so vital to Juice Creative’s core business, the team wanted to ensure they didn’t have any issues. They needed a provider that offered a back-up system with frequent updates, as a safeguard for both their clients and their own site.

Solution – Free & easy migration, expert care.

Craig Mulley, Juice Creative’s Digital Director, was drawn to Nimbus through prior experience with Nimbus’ Managing Director Tim Dunton, and knew him to be an expert in the industry.

Nimbus provided an easy migration free of charge, with no effort required on Juice Creative’s part. This made actioning their hosting straightforward, and served as an introduction to the cost-effective practicality Nimbus had to offer.

In the past, Juice Creative had hosted their clients’ and their own content themselves. While this afforded the company greater control, it was time-consuming.

With Nimbus, Juice Creative is able to outsource all server questions and issues, and be confident that it would be addressed professionally and fully, without Juice needing to micromanage – Nimbus even answers Juice’s clients directly when concerns are raised.

The Juice Creative team have been particularly satisfied with this personal approach, being able to talk to Nimbus’ experts face to face, as well as having the option of an efficient ticketing system – with any immediate problems solved within 20 minutes.

Company Impact – Business growth and secure hosting.

With the server being handled effectively – and with 100% uptime – Juice Creative is now able to focus on its core business with ease of mind. Any issues which arise are dealt with by Nimbus themselves, instead of by Juice Creative, and any questions are dealt with extremely promptly.

Since migrating to Nimbus, Juice Creative has not lost any data, due to the backups, and has had no instances of downtime or significant server issues.

Juice now refers many of their clients to Nimbus with the suggestion that they, too, migrate their hosting.

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