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We shall start where Mark Tomkins from Aubergine ended his interview, as it is one of our favourite quotes from all our interviews, “we see a long, long future and partnership with Nimbus and using STORM.” This quote undoubtedly means we are doing something right as Nimbus Hosting work extremely hard to be a helpful and beneficial resource to our clients.

Not only that, but Mark undoubtedly knows what he is talking about. Mr. Tomkins has well over twenty-five years of experience in the creative industry with his very own company (which would, of course, be Aubergine) since 2002; a whopping 16 years, and a fantastic accomplishment in the digital arena which sees a heck of a lot of transitory companies and people. Particularly as Aubergine is a growing agency which currently employs eleven fantastic people from their base in Leighton.

However, we digress, as beyond this lovely compliment the lads and lasses at Aubergine (and we must admit to being incredibly impressed by their gender balance in an industry that can be rather heavily weighted towards men), always mention a few other salient advantages that we thought it might be worth adding here.
Firstly, they identified one of their key pain points and one which is often mentioned to us by agencies we work with: that clients look to them for maximum up-time, which frankly is far often more easily said than done. Of course, this is something we pride ourselves on and is one of the main reasons Aubergine, as well as many others choose to host with us.

Aubergine Agency - STORM Hosting Platform
" I would say STORM is unique, it means a lot to us as an agency and therefore our clients, so we see a long future and partnership with Nimbus Hosting and using STORM "

Mark Tomkins, Creative Director & Founder , Aubergine

" We've noticed significant improvements in site loading times "

Mark Tomkins , Creative Director & Founder, Aubergine

Aubergine Agency - STORM Hosting Platform
Aubergine Agency - STORM Hosting Platform

They seemed pretty happy with our “professional service” and the fact they really can rely on us whatever the situation. They also mentioned that their clients were looking for their site to have maximum which STORM was able to guarantee. They went on to a give a case study of a large project for a big charity they recently worked on.
In this scenario, they needed for both their design and development team to work together, which was facilitated by STORM, which allowed them to work far more quickly and efficiently using STORM’s development platform and integrating it with their Git repository to make them far more efficient.
Beyond this specific example, Aubergine found STORM to be utterly unique not least because it decreased their loading time dramatically. Using GoDaddy their loading time was 8 seconds which was reduced to a phenomenal 0.25 seconds using STORM, a fantastic decrease and one which makes us very happy.

If you would like to learn more about STORM please feel free to give us a call on 0203 005 9181 or drop us an email on [email protected]. And for any more information about our lovely team, other case studies or just to learn a little more about us you can check out our website here.

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