Case Study – Aubergine

Who are Aubergine 262?

Aubergine 262 are a team of experienced creatives with over 25 years’ experience based in Leighton Buzzard. With a skilled and talented team, they pride themselves on three core pillars: detailed planning, excellent communication and exceptional delivery.

Due to the close relationship that Nimbus Hosting and Aubergine share, they were invited to be on the beta group for STORM. Aubergine have since moved all their sites over to the STORM platform.

Aubergine 262 Team

What drew you to Nimbus Hosting as a hosting provider?

Our previous hosts were located in Canada. Whilst we had a good relationship with the owner and the support we received was good, the timezone and lack of personal support became a challenge as we looked to significantly grow our business.

How did you first find Nimbus Hosting?

We were referred to Nimbus Hosting by another agency with whom we have a pretty good relationship.

What is important to Aubergine 262 when choosing a hosting partner?

Well… obviously the technical stuff, but what we were really looking for was a supportive company who responded to our requests quickly. Given that hosting isn’t our area of expertise, we were looking for a team who could offer us complete support. For us, the level of service was so much more important than the price.

What effect has moving to STORM had on your agency?

We were initially concerned having used cPanel and Plesk since the time dinosaurs roamed the Earth. However, once we had the demo and saw the benefits and the lightness of the interface, we were sold.

It did take some time to get right. However, the evolution curve has been almost vertical in the last six months. Most importantly, during the migration, Nimbus Hosting happily accommodated our requests for features and updates; helping us to offer a better service to our clients.

Has STORM had an impact on your efficiency?

Our efficiency and productivity has improved significantly in recent months whilst the new updates, particularly those of GIT integration have made it an immensely powerful tool.

Have there been any other advantages of STORM?

It has helped make our website far quicker thanks to the lighter server operating system which has helped improve user experience and SEO.

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