Case Study – Brave Agency

Who are Brave Agency?

Brave Agency was founded in 2000 by Tony Conte with the ambition to become an agency with integrity at its core. An ethic that has stood them in pretty good stead almost twenty years in the business. As now a full “Integrated Agency, they have the capability and expertise in-house to provide a full service offline and online digital service. And with the help of a fair few brews, they have made a pretty big impression on the digital scene.

As firm believers in collaboration and working together to get the best results, their method is clearly working, as they have impressively won a slew of awards including, “Recruitment website of the year,” and “Creative Campaign of the Year.”

Birthday Celebration

What issues did you have that made you look for a new hosting provider?

Most hosting providers offer only generic services, and we needed a partner who would understand our specific bespoke needs, particularly when it came to set up.

How did you first find Nimbus Hosting?

We found Nimbus Hosting at the beginning of our first wave of scaling up. As we were launching a new Magento web development service, we needed to ensure that Magento as a platform/framework was hosted on a suitable, resilient, future proof and scalable platform. Nimbus Hosting were recommended to us specialists in Magento hosting.

What is important to Brave when choosing a hosting partner?

We have made a name for ourselves thanks to our stability, honesty, transparency, trust, skill and reassurance. And we needed to make sure our hosting worked as an extension of this ethos.

What effect has moving to Nimbus had on your agency?

Whilst Brave Agency has always had a strong and capable team, when it comes to basic to mid- level server and systems administration, over time our clients have scaled in terms of complexity, traffic and demand. This means our technical demands have grown.

During this time, it has been reassuring to know that Nimbus Hosting have our backs when it comes to the physical hardware and operating systems, as well as the management of that hardware in a crisis situation. Whilst Brave’s in-house technical team is for the most part skilled, self-managing and self-supporting, Nimbus Hosting are able to extend that existing skill set with further advice, consultancy and support as and when required, particularly when our own team are challenged by a specific technical scenario.


Nimbus Hosting have worked very closely with Brave over the past eight years or so to help us scale with the demands of our clients, and have been instrumental in helping us grow. We’ve gone from a small handful of WordPress websites on Plesk VPS servers to a situation where we now have a growing number of enterprise e-commerce clients on fully dedicated servers and scenarios. Recently, we have scoped multi-server environments to manage databases containing upwards of 50 Million records.
Without Nimbus Hosting we would be offering hosting services directly. We know that this is fraught with challenge and risk and we would prefer to leave this to the experts in their field. We believe we need to protect our clients at the same time as our reputation as being honest and responsible.

In 2017, Nimbus Hosting supported Brave in delivering 10 Million users to our client websites which generated over 35 Million page views. Our overall uptime throughout the entire year was at least 99.9% and despite the big numbers, the whole of 2017 passed with very little technical incident.

We look forward to our mutual and continued growth as our client successes grow even further.

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